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Now, before I get blown up with comments saying "it's not about money, but patient care". I get that. No need to tell me over and over. I heard CRNAs mainly get hired in rural areas, which kind of... Read More

  1. by   CRNA 1984
    The truth is... CRNAs work everywhere from rural to big cities. The reason you are more likely to find a Nurse Anesthetist in a rural setting, as opposed to an anesthesiologist, is that CRNAs are more cost effective and provide the same level of care. There was recent legislation that was going to change that and increase the level of reimbursements for anesthesiologists in rural settings, but the bills didn't pass. So it is safe to say that CRNAs will continued to be used more than MDAs in these types of locations.

    Next...Why does working in a rural area scare you? By the time you graduate from CRNA school you will be more than prepared to work as a CRNA. I would recommend applying for a job where ever you do your clinicals. This makes the transition easy, because you already know the staff, hospital, routine, etc. Thats what I did.

    Finally... a CRNA's salary depends on a lot of factors:
    1. Are you 1099 or W2
    2. Years of experience
    3. Location (biggest impact on salary) (Good article: "How Much do CRNAs Make")

    I am a CRNA and work as a self-contractor (so 1099). This allows me to write off a lot of business expenses and save money on taxes. If you go this route, you will want to get a good CPA. I wish you the best of luck in school!
  2. by   Bottomed out
    90k's in Florida I am not surprised a friend of mine made that in Texas as an RN not CRNA. Heck I made 10k in one month working 8-9 shifts per check. Its all about location.
  3. by   Codyhaas3337
    How did you find the job out of anesthesia school as a partner? Is it rare to find practices that you can buy into?
  4. by   Bluebolt
    Quote from Codyhaas3337
    How did you find the job out of anesthesia school as a partner? Is it rare to find practices that you can buy into?
    My CRNA program requires a few months rotation in a CRNA only practice. Many times if you do well with them they will extend an offer to be a part of their practice after graduation (if they need anyone). Then after a little time, it's possible to buy into the practice if the partner's consent. I don't know if I've heard of someone coming right out of CRNA school and becoming partner without even showing they are a competent independent practitioner.

    Our professors gave us the heads up that nearing graduation we're going to think we're rockstars who know everything about anesthesia and get cocky. Then two years into practice we'll look back and see that we really didn't know as much as we thought we did about clinical practice.