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I'm so curious to know how CRNA's live. By the hectic schedule I've been told about how do find time to go out and spend your money, like buy a big beautiful house, decorate it, buy clothes, and so... Read More

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    Quote from candiceena
    I am a CRNA hopeful as well. Right now, I\'m finishing pre-reqs for nursing school. CRNA is years away, however, I would like to ask...those who are CRNAs currently, and those who are chastising (sp?) Andrea for her post or her motivations...if CRNAs made $20,000 a year, instead of $100,000+ - would you have been as drawn initially? As some have said, money should never be the ONLY motivation for a career, but it is always something that should be considered and will most likely be a motivator.
    Yes,, I would do this job EVEN if I was paid what I made as an ICU nurse. Period It is the best job in nursing. For the record, 100K is a bit low in most locations for a new grad.
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    I didn't say what you were paid as an ICU nurse...I said a mere $20,000 a year. That is less than $2,000 a month, hard to live off of for even one person that is living frugally. But I think you got the point
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    Post was started in 2004 and revived in May 21, 2008.....haven't seen any of former posters online in recent memory...usual nature of bb.
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    Where are you now? I am very interested to find out if you accomplished you goals. Either way, good luck with everything.
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    I'm curious too! I am a 1st year NS student but have been doing extensive research in CRNA. Let's see how well I do 5-8 years from this posting date!
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    DIVER CRNA.. are you still on this board by any chance?