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Anyone else out there frustrated with the politics of being a CRNA? I once was like many of you out there, that are aspiring CRNAs... I worked very hard to become a CRNA. I did it because of the... Read More

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    Ok, let's look at your specific issues:

    Quote from BeeFlowe
    But I just can't stand the politics. I bend over backwards for my boss. But no matter what, he continues to verbally abuse me and expects me to stand by my phone every minute of the day waiting for his call. As if I don't have a life. I can't even plan to have children, it's terrible. My husband (who is also a CRNA) tells me to quit. But there just isn't many jobs for CRNA in the state I live in. So saturated with CRNAs here..
    Let's take them one by one.

    Politics: As has been stated, the situation you describe, while it may feel like you have to be an international diplomat to deal with your boss, is better renamed to supervisor/employer abuse.

    I did not see where you stated whether the boss is an MDA or CRNA....and maybe you do not want to with your small state anesthesia community...I understand. I am guessing this boss has the power to hire and fire, and may even be the boss of the entity that signs your paycheck. I make these assumptions since you have admitted bending over backwards, accepting verbal abuse, accepting his expectations of being by the phone, and the sacrifice of not having children (at least for now), as somehow necessary to keep your job....and also that this job and remaining in state are worth more than the above problems being stopped by a change of locale/job/state.

    From what you say however, it appears that not all CRNAs are subject to the same abuse...but since we do not know how many of you there are (not many since you did say the boonies), we can only go by the fact that your husband did not accept such treatment. The question then becomes...why are you? I assume you do not have a contract which limits or delineates how much call you will have?

    Depending on the nature of the verbal abuse and/or whether the boss demands more of your availability for call than other CRNAs, you have the obvious options of demanding his verbal abuse stop and informing him that you cannot accept a disproportionate share of call (both in a certified letter with examples). Also you should stop bending over backwards to please him...since you never will. Since this is anonymous here, I am going out on a limb...and not a big observing that you may have a personality trait, or life history, which makes these steps difficult for you or has instilled an unfulfilled need to please a prominent male figure (father perhaps). I am not trying to be a junior psychoanalyst, it just begs explanation as to why you have put up with this behavior....or perhaps even, you HAVE exhausted attempts at stopping it.

    I mention documentation via certified mail as this is a record that you made certain reasonable requests that a hostile work environment be changed to a reasonable one, and if you should be fired for doing so, legal action can be taken for retaliatory termination for complaining of a hostile work environment. And that's not a petty $$$ lawsuit hard to win necessarily. No matter what, if the situation is such that you have considered getting an RN job you seem to have little to lose. In any event you would be wise to keep a written journal of the abuse, with quotes, and all on call situations.

    What you DO HAVE, though I do not think you believe this, are many alternatives which allow you to remain a CRNA and deal with the issue. Aside from those i just mentioned....YES you CAN leae the state with your husband and get jobs elsewhere, have the stability of two full time incomes and even start a family. And it does not matter how much or what condition any family may be in your CAN be done and your immediate family (to be) deserves a break.
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