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I will be graduating and ADN program in December, my end goal is to become a CRNA. As far as I understand, I need a minimum of one year critical care experience. I have a long road ahead of me, where should I focus my efforts... Read More

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    OR certification is different.People tend not to leave the OR.It takes minimum of 2-3 yrs to be competent.

    For certification MICU provides extensive multi system complex failure.Also good for renal component of exam
    CVRU lengthy training. cardiac section of exam becomes a breeze .
    CCU slower pace than other units and a good place to begin unit nursing.

    ER certificate also different.You will see it all. Aim for trauma if you want to learn alot. Downside,like OR very specific

    For exam you need 2000 hrs in the field.

    My view of best learning_ Med/surg then either MICU/SICU. CVRU (for me was the best )
    Reasoning_Med surg provides organization skills and you learn how to handle stress and crisis more slowly. If you know for sure unit nursing is your thing then you can certainly begin there but it might be a tougher start.Unit nsg can feel quite high stress 1st off whereas med surg is physically more tiring and the stress is more cumulative.
    Just,my opinion.Others may totally disagree.

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    Ok yea that makes sense since they want someone to be potentially long term n not short term. Thanks for that
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    Hey there. I'm another ADN grad hired directly into ICU. They wanted experience as a CNA or LPN, I had both but sometimes you don't need any experience.... just favor.
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    I worked for two years in a level one trauma SICU before going to anesthesia school. I was right out of nursing school and I found this to be a great basis for becoming a CRNA. That being said, I have many friends from anesthesia school who worked in the SICU, MICU, neonatal ICU, CICU ect and we all did fine. Good luck!!
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    They want to see ICU experience and experience with vasoactive drips and critically ill patients. Some programs accept PICU, ED, OR, experience, but many do not. Try to get into a CVICU or a Trauma-Surgical ICU. Any ICU is better than not, but these are where you will get more of the experience they want to see.
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    Don't go to Utah Internship unless you want to put yourself in a $16,000 financially binding contract for 2.5 years
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    I have worked in the OR active duty Air Force for 9 years and crossed over successfully to the ICU world. There are quite a few of us who have made the transition successfully. I also thinks having experience as an OR nurses also gives us an added advantage during clinicals in CRNA school. We know the anesthesia equipment, positioning, how they perform their blocks, emergency drugs (since all Air Force OR nurses must maintain ACLS credentials), and we know sterility. We know what drugs are used in rapid sequence intubations and how to setup airway adjuncts such as the Glidescope, Bronchoscope, and how to assist the provider with patients undergoing thoractomies with the double lumen ETT. Now that I am in anesthesia now, I am already at an advantage over my classmates, who have never been in an OR or know how an OR flows.
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    Most programs want CVICU, SICU then MICU
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    Also they like large teaching hospitals that are level 1 trauma centers.

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