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    Hi all,

    I am placing a list of links to anesthesia related websites for all those interested in anesthesia. If anyone has other great anesthesia websites that may benefit people interested in anesthesia, I will be happy to add them. Please note that this for educational and information purposes only. Free advertising and self-promoting links are not allowed as stated in the TOS. Thanks.

    The official site of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. Great information here about Nurse Anesthesia and list of anesthesia programs. AANA membership required for full access.
    Great information about anesthesia with plenty of links to other great sites.
    Journal website that offers searchable article database.
    Excellent review for regional anesthesia techniques.
    Collection of anesthesia related resources presented in a concise, textbook-style website.
    A great place to research current anesthesia jobs. Although not all-inclusive, it does give you an idea of what's out there.
    Great site with lots of information about CRNA practice.
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    thanks for following through trauma! here are some from my previous post, plus a few additonal ...
    the virtual anesthesia machine ... helps explain different circuits, the gas machine and lets you change configurations of the machine and see results.

    guidelines to the practice of anesthesia 2007 canadian anesthesiologists' society
    gas laws, explanations and examples.
    complete articles on current anesthesia toics, plus you have the ability to search within the past several years.
    tutorials to help you get familiar with gas laws & vaporization. pharmacology
    has some really good details about pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of most drugs (and some anesthetics), seprated by specialty.

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    Free CE's, articles and lectures
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    A great link to anatomy with pictures and animation.
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    A Freind that just returned from the Anesthesia Faculty Meeting told me about this Beta Site - Its not even yet listed on the public serch engines - and He told me to take a look

    Very Innovative Community Wealth concepts - from research, software - search engines, online publication (free)

    Neat to have free repository of research, papers, CEUs, inservices, etc...- On that note....How many our our thesis's are NOT published and how many times do we probably reinvent the wheel?

    I tried out the ACTc software (CE version) and talk about WOW factor - Esp since its free - that also is community grown - apparently we (Anethetists) determine how it runs and will grow...the install was tricky but...following the links on the FAQ page for installation went fine...

    As an eductor - this is a pretty neat site - apparently there is talk about presenting this site and its concepts at Nationals this August

    Anywho - what ever its worth -

    Old Salt
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    Aweosme full movies on blocks.
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  11. 1 completely free, nonprofit, website with great videos etc.. it's actually run by an anesthesia resident (I think), but still great information on pharmacology, physiology, etc..

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