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OB Summer Reads - page 3

Since I haven't received any replies to the post that I made in "Recommended Reading", I thought that I might bring this down here to see if I got a few more responses. After all, these aren't really... Read More

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    u can get all the above at the website I mentioned, too. It's where I got a lot of these books. A good list of books, to be sure, mattsmom.
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    agree about cascade, they have cool catalogs too if you must have paper
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    Thank you Mitchsmom. Wonderful list. In fact, I think that I'm just going to cut and paste your list and make it my wish list on Amazon. :chuckle Sounds like they'd make a great library in and of itself.

    BTW, The Ultimate Book of Breastfeeding is an awesome book. I got it last weekend and I really have enjoyed reading the book. I think I'm going to get "The Nursing Mother's Companion" as well as a doula marketing book (mine wasn't returned). I really need to rebuild my library and you all have suggested some awesome books! Thanks!