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Roll call and discussion for all of us applying to Frontier Bound spring term 2013. I haven't submitted anything but I'm so excited. Anyone else?... Read More

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    I'm so sorry!!! What's the state accreditation vs ccne?

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    Quote from SnowboardRN
    Well, my dreams were crushed. I just received an email from admissions. My degree was obtained at a state accredited school, not a nationally accredited one. You think they would have mentioned that during many of the other conversations we had where I told them what school I was from. No, they waited until I did all of that work, spent all of that money, for NOTHING. I am absolutely heartbroken.
    Oh no! Im so sorry SnowboardRN! That's awful. I've heard that Frontier does not always have their stuff together with admissions. I felt like I received mixed info from the admissions staff vs the directors who I also emailed. That's really a bummer that they couldn't have informed you before the whole app process, which is always an exhausting pain. What will you do now?
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    Best of luck to everyone! I put my packet into the mail TODAY for CNEP class 113! The fact that they push back the deadlines each class gives me a little hope that maybe there are not many applicants so we have a better shot...wishful thinking maybe but we will see!
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    Thanks everyone, luckily my degree was an associates, so instead of the bridge program I can go to another school to obtain my bachelors. Hope is not lost! There are two great schools around me that are nationally accredited.
    The school I graduated from is new, in fact my class was the first nursing class to go through it. And national accreditation takes time. Bummer but I will not give up

    Good luck to everyone!!
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    That's great SnowboardRN! Glad to hear you've got a game plan. Don't give up if midwifery is your calling.

    Good for you Kiddie_Nurse12! And good luck to you too! I was also hoping that the extension indicated a low number of

    I just saw that they closed CNEP class 115. Do you think this indicates anything about 113, too?
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    SnowboardRN, I'm in your same shoes. My program is only state accredited but I'm looking into Western Governors University. It seems that their RN-BSN program can be finished in a very short amount of time and it's relatively cheap. They're CCNE accredited too! Good luck to you
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    Arizona State University has a wonderful RN- BSN program that is online and I did it in 8 months however it can be done over 12 or 18 months.
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    Anyone get an email today?
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    Quote from Mary C
    Anyone get an email today?
    Yes!! Im in! How about you ladies?? I can't believe how early it is!
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    Quote from midwifetobe85

    Yes!! Im in! How about you ladies?? I can't believe how early it is!
    Not me

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