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  1. midwifetobe85

    Baystate Medical Center Midwifery Program

    Hmm, very interesting trauerweidchen, thanks for sharing! I'm brand new to the program and so can't really comment on those specific issues but personally have been very impressed so far. Although I think you're right that no program is going to be perfect with all good reviews. It's such a hard decision when you care so much! Good luck w your visit to OHSU and deciding!
  2. midwifetobe85

    Baystate Medical Center Midwifery Program

    Hi there! So I wanted to share some info about OHSU. I've recently spoken to two people who told me it was not a good program- one graduate of the midwifery program and the other graduate of their accelerated nursing program who chose not to do the midwifery portion because of other students she had spoken to. They both were very unhappy with it and upset about their now massive debt. It's kind of bizarre since its ranked as #1, but apparently the high tuition does not equal better program. I'm curious to hear the negative things you've heard about Frontier. I'm a new Frontier student and have been really impressed so far. The orientation was incredibly inspiring and am so impressed with the faculty I've met. I'm actually in MA and did consider Baystate. I loved their director but felt they couldn't really select the best students because they get so few applications. I think the main reason they don't (and my main reason too) is that they don't have financial aid. I also think the MS vs MSN could make a difference. I know for a fact you could not practice in Oregon without the MSN and I know of one job in Connecticut where they insisted on a MSN over an MS in Midwifery. I imagine for the most part it's not an issue but I just didn't want to risk any limitations.
  3. midwifetobe85

    Has anyone ever NOT been accepted to frontier?

    Yes you can. I'm not sure which ones or how many but you can take a few as a non-matric.
  4. midwifetobe85

    Has anyone ever NOT been accepted to frontier?

    uhg. I'm so sorry. That really sucks. I think that's incredibly unfair. (For you too, DidiRN). I don't understand the concept. I thought it was cumulative gpa for last degree. Why are they factoring grades from your ADN degree into this rn-bsn degree? Do you mean the rn-bsn degree uses courses from your adn to create an overall BSN? And so, since those early courses are counted as part of this degree, their grades must factor in too? That is seriously unjust that you could have become a really excellent student as an adult and still be punished for such old grades. Have you ladies talked with Phila U? I hear they're also a fantastic distance midwifery program. Not sure what their stance on gpa is though. ...seriously, so sorry.
  5. midwifetobe85

    fronteir cnep class 118

    How frustrating!! Definitely get in touch w the top administration people/Heads of midwifery dept. I had some difficulty getting a clear answer on some things from admissions but got clarification from people at the top. You should def take this higher up. You're absolutely right that according to their admissions page it should not be a issue. Good luck and let us know how it goes...
  6. midwifetobe85

    Has anyone ever NOT been accepted to frontier?

    Oh whoops..just saw your note arayrn...well this is what I started to write..perhaps it will help Wendilee or someone else new applying.. I'm not sure. I think I too read one without an explanation on here. But I just wanted to say that they don't care if you have L&D. The majority of accepted students do not. Its very hard to get into L&D these days and they know that. Plus, the midwives in the admissions committee must also recognize that nursing is not necessary to become a midwife as I had no nursing experience. 5 years of doula/CBE work and I was accepted. I was told by someone in admissions that essays and letters of recommendations count for a lot. Every part of your application counts for points and if you get enough points- above the 'passing number' (not sure exactly how many)- you WILL be accepted either to the class you applied or the next one. If you don't score enough points, you wont be accepted and something about your app packet would have to change before reapplying. So try not worry about your experience. Make sure that you're really happy with your essays- have several people critique them. If you are, remember it's the overall picture. Good luck!
  7. midwifetobe85

    Certified Nurse Midwives who do home births???

    Hi Michellelizabeth! I completely agree with LilyRoseRN and queenanneslace. It really depends on the state. I'm a newly admitted student midwife at Frontier Nursing U (I start in July). It's a highly esteemed distance program, definitely worth looking into. Frontier.edu I'm originally from NY where I know many holistically minded home birth CNMs who are totally independent. They write prescriptions, legally carry o2 and all the necessary meds to births, and only consult with physicians as they see fit. I'm now located in the MA though, and there are no home birth CNMs as far as I can tell. Apparently, for a long time CNMs were required to have a 'written collaborative agreement' with backup MD, which basically meant they needed a physician to sign a form stating that they would be their backup. Unfortunately, good luck finding an MD who wants to tied to a home birth midwife (with a legally binding contract). I also think that many of the MD's malpractice insurance companies specifically stated that they could not work with a home birth midwife. Recently, the law was changed to a verbal collaborative agreement, which is the way it works in NY. If I understand the situation correctly, CNMs could start to do home birth in MA now, but the law is quite new and I don't think there are any yet. There are however two great birth centers in the area that I'm hoping to do part of my training at. I also know for a fact that there are CNM home birth practices in Maine, New Hampshire, Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and New York as I said. I'm also pretty sure there's at least one in Vermont. I'm still trying to find a source that breaks down each state but, in general, it seems the conservative states tend to be more conservative about midwifery practice and home birth. This list offers some basics on each state - ACNM Library You can also go here to look up nearby home birth CNM practices or birth centers: Find a midwife Hopefully that helps! Are you planning on studying nursing for undergrad or going back for a nursing degree afterwards? If you're already a home birth minded aspiring midwife, nursing school may be psychologically tough for you, as it was for me. I originally majored in French and returned to school for an accelerated BSN a few years later when I realized that midwifery (specifically home birth/birth center midwifery) was my calling. I never had aspirations to be a nurse and in many ways nursing philosophy (which is rooted in the medical model, not the midwifery model) conflicted with a lot of my beliefs. It's meaningful work to be sure, but it felt pretty far removed from my dreams of home birth midwifery. It's also hard, rough work with plenty of issues of its own. I will say though, I made it and I'm still very glad to have chosen this pathway and am so excited to finally be starting midwifery school! If you're certain about midwifery I'd recommend that you do major in nursing if you can and just get it done with. Who knows, you may actually enjoy it too. Let me know if you have anymore questions!
  8. midwifetobe85

    Frontier Nursing University CLass 113-115

    Hi arayRN, yea unfortunately financial aid doesn't become available until a few weeks into the first semester (which generally starts a month of so after Frontier Bound). Maybe start saving now? The $575 covers everything - room and board. If I understand correctly, you'd only need more money for FB if you wanted to spend money in the school store/gift shop. You do have to also take into account the $100 for Banyan Tree - the short online course which must be finished and paid for before Frontier Bound. Which class did you apply for? Your FB would be several months away right? Maybe figure out how much you'd need to put aside a week over the next few months so that you'll have it when you *hopefully* get in? I'm trying to figure out how I'll pay for my living costs since the federal aid won't be enough for both. Aye, why can't this all be more affordable?!
  9. midwifetobe85

    Looking to Volunteer with a CNM

    Hi Kalah! I don't know about midwives in that area but I would recommend just googling it and calling around. Midwives tend to be enthusiastic teachers, very willing to let an aspiring midwife shadow/volunteer. If you're interested in out of hospital birth (home birth or freestanding birth centers) I recommend you look through the forums at mothering.com. There are often a lot of recommendations for home birth CNMs or even just more holistically minded hospital CNMs. Chicago Midwife - Search
  10. midwifetobe85

    Not accepted at Georgetown University for FNP

  11. midwifetobe85

    Frontier Nursing University CLass 113-115

    Hi arayRN, I went directly through school and did not work as a nurse (5 years doula/CBE experience) and therefore used nursing instructors for all 3 refs. Two were clinical instructors who could comment on my clinical performance and one was a nurse-midwife who taught a class of mine and who had met w me several times to chat about midwifery. She knew I was driven, passionate and deeply committed to the profession.
  12. midwifetobe85

    A few questions about applying to Frontier

    Hi arayRN, Yes, it's $575 for the FB fee which includes room and board, plus $100 for pre-frontier bound online orientation course, plus I'm paying $75 for the airport shuttle (although that's optional if you're driving or renting a car)- so $750 total. It's not an insignificant amount but at least there wasn't a deposit required to hold my spot, which most schools require. The total was due one month before FB. Heres a list of all fees while at Frontier- http://www.frontier.edu/financial-aid/tuition/fees Hope that helps!
  13. midwifetobe85

    Frontier Nursing University CLass 113-115

  14. midwifetobe85

    How long should I expect prereqs to take?

  15. midwifetobe85

    How long should I expect prereqs to take?

    Also, I only applied to Binghamton. It was a last minute decision and technically the deadline had passed. I probably would've applied to others had it not been so last minute. So i cant comment on what other schools accept online courses which is why I think you should speak w an admissions counselor from each school. Hope that helps!
  16. midwifetobe85

    How long should I expect prereqs to take?

    Hi SimplyBliss, The only online courses I took for my prereqs were the A&P I and II at Cayuga. It was pretty good as online courses go, but I wished I had done A&P in person bc it is by the far the most important prereq for nursing school and I really think its easier to learn that stuff in person, especially the lab part. As far as stuff being online goes, I must've asked the admissions people at Bing that question a dozen times bc I was also concerned about them being accepted. They assured me that it wasn't an issue. If I were you I would call and speak to each program that you're applying to (including Bing in case they changed anything) and ask about each class you want to take online as well as if they're valued the same as a classroom course. Its difficult to comment on the Bing BAT program because obviously it's the only nursing program I have experience with and I've heard that a lot of the complaints I had about the program are universal because of faculty shortages. The program also made it, by far, the hardest year of my life. So that certainly makes my answer biased. In short, there were good elements and good teachers equally mixed with issues and injustice. It was both a very meaningful experience and an incredibly harrowing one. I wrote about it in detail on this thread (pages 2&3): https://allnurses.com/new-york-state/binghamton-applicants-bat-797963-page2.html Let me know if I can answer anymore questions!