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I've tried to search the website to find the answer to this, but haven't had any luck. My questions is: What is the difference between a certified nurse midwife and a women's health nurse practioner (OB/GYN nurse... Read More

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    A bit off the current topic...what is the job outlook like for CNMs?.. Are some states better than others?
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    The job market seems to vary week to week. For example, I am on a listserv and last month received notice of over a dozen job openings in my state. The ACNM website did not list any of these jobs. So the website is a good place to start, but is not the end-all-be-all.

    If you are contemplating midwifery, it may be a good idea to find a CNM where you want to live and get info from her/them.

    Another way to determine interest is to write physician practices and give them some information on how a nurse midwife might assist with their practice. One of my classmates did this and recieved a response from many OB and FP practices that never thought about adding a CNM to their practice.
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