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    How many of you got your CNM and then went back to get your WHNP?

    How long did it take?

    Just curious.

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    Why would you get a WHNP if you already have the CNM? It would be a redundant degree, which is why Frontier is eliminating it.

    For greater marketability, CNMS I have spoken to have STRONGLY recommended a dual CNM/FNP degree.
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    In all due respect, not my question. My question was posted to anyone who has done it...I have my own reasons for asking.

    I have no interest in a CNM/FNP because chances are if you are working as an FNP, you won't be delivering babies...and if you are working in the capacity of a CNM, you won't be seeing patients coming in for sports physicals, strep throat, etc.
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    Fair enough. Frontier won't be offering the WHNP for much longer, so you would not be able to get it through them.
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    Well, again, not why I asked....
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    Maybe I'm reading your tone wrong, but why the attitude? I'm trying to provide helpful information.

    based on the title of your post, the implication was that you were wondering how long it took to get it through Frontier, so I wanted to let you know that they will soon no longer be offering it.
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    I didn't see your post as being helpful, I saw it as being judgmental and you were assuming I didn't know they were discontinuing the program...and FYI, as of TODAY they are still offering it.

    I posted the question to get an answer from a current Frontier student and it would have been nice to get an answer from one that has completed both programs rather than having to justify why I asked the question in the first place.
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    All right. Well, good luck.
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    might check this thread: combined cnm and whnp degrees?
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    I found out that they are NOT discontinuing the WHCNP program.

    They are only removing it as an option for the ADN to MSN students.

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