what are common times to run IV's in ?

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    I am a new nurse working in a CCU/CVICU area and was wondering if some of you seasoned nurses can give me some input about how long certain IV's should go in such as calcium, potassium, mag, etc. I know a lot of this comes along with experience but these are the types of things i sit around and think about

    Thanks, any input is appreciated!

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    I can't tell you about meds you didn't ask about, but of the ones you did, this is how I do it (per facility guidelines):

    Mag - 1 gm over 15-20 minutes, 2 gm over 1/2 hour

    K - 20meq/hour MAX, must be on cardiac monitoring to run it that fast. The floors with no tele can run it at 10meq/hour only.

    Calcium gluconate/chloride - I dilute in 20-30cc and put it on a mini-infuser. Usually goes in over 20-30 minutes.

    I think this stuff is in most med books also (administration times.) That's where we get it from, mostly -- we've just memorized it over time.
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    thanks! i was looking on our online drug guide at work (lexi-comp) and it gives parameters. i know that i will learn it all eventually with time and experience, thanks for your help.
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    Dont forget your pharmacy also set times how long it should run but you can base it on the patient needs. You can by an infusing book it helps a whole lot,
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    I have never seen Mag infused in less than 4 hours. Im not saying it cant be done, I'm just staying I've never seen it. Maybe that is our hospital pharmacy's policy. IDK.

    We run K+ at 10 mEq per hour unless we have an order to run faster. That includes being in the ICU. I just had a patient last night with a critical K of 2.6. The MD ordered 80 mEq over 8 hours. So, even with the critical K, the MD still ordered 10 mEq per hour.

    Don't have a lot of experience with the other ones, so I can't tell you for sure.
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    Mag Sulfate= 1gram/hr
    Calcium 1gram/hr
    Potassium 10 or 20 mEq/hr
    Kphos/NaPhos- 10mmol/hr
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    Where I work we have to run 10mEq K over an hour, Mg 2g over 2 hours, and Calcium over 15 min. I wonder why our times are so different from other facilities?

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    K 10meq over 1 hour IV/Mg 2gm rider over 2 hours/Las Vegas RN
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    At my hospital:
    Mag is always 1g/hour
    Calcium is 1-2g/hour

    This is different from what others have said: we run K (10-20meq) over 30 mins-1 hour (central line). 1 hour if no ectopy, no rush. But if they are having any ectopy or it was below 3.5 we always run over 30 mins.
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    A preceptor once told me that he had run K+ @60/ hour before. Anyone else heard of this?

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