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I have been a nurse for almost a year now and currently work on a Progressive Care Unit. We receive transfers from the ICU, admits from the ER, and MET/Rapid Responses from the floors. We get... Read More

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    "fresh heart" - first 24 hours post-op open thoracotomy case, generally valvular surgery and/or CABG

    "pump case" - any surgical case placed on cardiopulmonary bypass

    "Thorc" or "thoraco" - unilateral thoracotomy approach, usually for lung biopsy, mass resection, pneumonectomy, or wedge resection

    "TEVAR", "EVAR" - Thoracic endovascular Aneurysm Repair - a minimally invasive approach to deploy internal Dacron stents to an aortic aneurysm. Usually bilateral groin cath sites, a subclavian cath site, and often a spinal drain to prevent spinal cord ischemia.

    "TAVI" Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation - an endovascular approach to aortic valve repair or replacement. Similar to TEVAR but without a spinal drain.

    Just some of the terms we toss around regularly. HTH.
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    Quote from NewGoalRN
    May be a dumb question but what do you learn when you take a 'fresh heart'? Are you transferring it somehwere? I'm lost here but find this thread fascinating.
    Sorry for the confusion, 'fresh heart' is what we call a patient just received from the OR right after cardiac surgery.

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