I'm in need of a good resource for an EKG exam I'm in need of a good resource for an EKG exam | allnurses

I'm in need of a good resource for an EKG exam

  1. 0 Hello everyone, this is my first thread and I am wondering if there is anyone out there have any suggestions of a book or website to practice reading EKG strips. I am a new RN and got a job at a cardiothoracic stepdown unit. One of the requirements is for us to pass an EKG exam which I bet myself it'll include reading, interventions of what you'll do for a certain strip, etc. I'll be in a two day in class lecture just for EKG's and I thought this should be enough information to prepare for the exam but I am wondering if there is a good source which I can practice beforehand. I'd really appreciate for any input. Thank you!
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    I found the book EKG Interpretation Made Incredibly Easy extremely helpful. Take a look on amazon and you could probably get one used. I know there are also a lot of websites with test strips you can look at. Good luck!
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    Great! I may not have time to order it online but I'll go to Barnes and Nobles and will check some websites. Thank you for the informations.
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    This is an awesome EKG simulator:


    To work the game, press GAME, then RESET, then START.
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    I love that skillstat EKG simulator!

    As for books, I second ECG's Made Incredibly Easy. ECG Workout (by Jane Huff RN) is another excellent book that was on our required book list for nursing school.
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    I love this it is great.
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    only ekg book you'll ever need 6th
    authors: thaler, malcolm s.

    [font=agaramond-semiboldsc][color=#231f20][font=agaramond-semiboldsc][color=#231f20][font=agaramond-semiboldsc][color=#231f20]rapid ecg interpretation
    [font=agaramond-semiboldsc][color=#231f20][font=agaramond-semiboldsc][color=#231f20]christopher p. cannon

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