Getting Re-acquainted with Cardiac Step-down and the Darn Computer System Called EPIC - page 2

Hi, Well to make a long story short. I have been a nurse for about 18 years-ish or so. Got my start in acute care on a cardiac telemetry unit as a first job. Then started working ER and Trauma a few years. Then, eventually... Read More

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    I'm not sure what your facility offers, but mine had given out a paper that had instructions so that you could get on the playground at home. It was a bit involved and you had to download Citrix on to your computer. Take a few minuets after you shift to play around and look through an actual chart, or take the time to get on the playground. I was a power user during "go live" at my hospital. Find out who yours are and use them as a resource as we received slightly more training...haha.

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    We have EPIC at my hospital and I didnt find it as bad as cerner powerchart is. I found cerner power chart to be very redundant. But once you get the hang of EPIC it isnt so bad, its all a matter of finding where things are. Best of luck!

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