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Does anyone have sort of experience with delayed closure following open chest procedures? I just have a few questions. Is the retractor from surgery still left in place? Is there some sort of chest binder used? Can I get some... Read More

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    i work adult and in my years have never had someone come out with a retractor in...usually they are so fluid overloaded they can hardly stretch it back, etc. We do not have restrictions with turning for the most part, and do not have trouble with pressure ulcers.

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    I've had many patients with open chests, but only one with the retractor left in place. That patient's surgery was over 12 hr long...No bueno! I think he probably died a few times on the table. The hand off report was "when he dies, make sure we get our retractor back"; the O.R. team ran away quickly after dropping him off in ICU. Luckily they were wrong and the patient recovered! As to not turning: the surgeon writes orders to not turn the patients with open chests...3 days later after closure when we are finally allowed to turn them there's a pressure ulcer.

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