1. Hello,
    I would like to take the CCRN and would like to start studing now. Is there any books or CDs, or videos that are must haves? With so many to choose from, it is hard to decide.
    Thank you
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  3. by   ckh23
    I used Pass CCRN. I liked it because it came with a CD of practice questions. The book is quite large and has an overwhelming amount of info. I mostly used the CD and found the practice questions and CCRN questions very similar.
  4. by   I see you RN
    I'm using the Pass CCRn and the Gasparis DVDs. I like them in conjunction because she gives a nice overveiw and tips on what will actually be on the test, then I look through the book to get more in depth. No guarantees, though, I don't take the test until June 1.
  5. by   MBunny
    I took the CCRN in December and found the Laura Gasparis Vonfrolo DVDs to be the best help. If you can attend an actual seminar, it would probably be awesome. I know there is one coming up soon in Las Vegas, if I remember correctly. You may want to check it out, plus, you get CME's.
  6. by   sunnycalifRN
    I took a CCRN Review course offered by Med-Ed. It was a three day course. I studied using the provided course material and passed. I highly recommend their course.
  7. by   SRNA2011
    I reviewed content with Laura Gasparis "CCRN Review Cram" DVDs, did lots of practice questions with the "PASS CCRN" CD & textbook to read unfamiliar content. I studied for about a month while still working full-time as a RN. There is a ton of material books out there for review, but just remember to do lots of practice questions and review your answers. This will help you in the end rather than reading material over and over again. Don't cram it all the night before and make sure you get plenty of rest! Good luck
  8. by   frannymac
    I am going to start studying for the CCRN and would like to know if the Laura Gasparis DVD are outdated and if anyone has use the med-ed seminars. I dont want to get boged down with alot of study info. I have the DVD and the PASS CCRN CD just wondering if the Med-ed maybe more up to date.
  9. by   SRNA2011

    I passed the CCRN in January 2011 and reviewed with Laura Gasparis DVDs and PASS CCRN CD-ROM for practice questions. I felt the Laura Gasparis DVDs still provided a good amount of information that was still seen on the CCRN test, and the PASS CCRN CD-ROM is still a must-do for practice questions. But I did notice that there wasn't a lot of Neurology content reviewed in the DVD because back then it was a smaller percentage, now its 12% of the test. So if Neuro isn't your strong point, you might need to read a little more into the textbook. Also, the recent CCRN test added 4% Behavioral/Psychosocial, and that section is not included in the DVD. But there was only a few (maybe 1-3) questions on the actual test and were easy to answer. The large portion of the CCRN is Cardiovascular (20%), Pulmonary (18%), and Professional Caring and Ethical Practice (20%), so I would definitely focus my study time on those sections. Make sure you download the CCRN Handbook on AACN's website, it provides a study guide which is somewhat useful. Hope this information helps, feel free to message me if you have any more questions. Good luck!!!
  10. by   silverbelle
    I just passed on Tuesday...woo hoo, glad it is over but I do agree with all the above posts...I had more ethical type questions than I was prepared for...I only used the pass ccrn cd from 08....if there is a newer one I would recommend it. All in all it was a good experience because I learned a lot of info that is valuable on a daily basis....(unlike the GRE I took earlier this year...)..Any who....when you review be sure to read the rationale and strategy for each question even if you get it correct...good luck you can do it!!!!