Advice for "seasoned" nurse moving to ICU - page 3

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Making the transition...finally! I have Med/Surg floor experience and am leaving a Tele charge nurse/unit educator position for an ICU staff nurse position. We do open hearts and eventually I would like to be skilled enough to... Read More

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    Quote from gradRN2007
    So glad to hear you are doing well, I am very excited too. I have gotten a position in Jax at baptist heart hospital CVICU. I am leaving a SFL hospital where i have worked for almost 30 years, only 3 as RN in a cardiac stepdown unit.
    I am also swithching it up and working days which i have never done as an RN..learning on the fly..hopefully maturity will help..I am one of those late in life RN's!
    Keep us posted on how its going!
    Wow, what a leap! Awesome that you are trying new things. I am sure you will do fine. Love to hear back form you how you are progressing.

    Good Luck!