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  1. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    Is turning to supine considered a turn?

    side side back
  2. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    Another US to UK

    Thanks for the replies. I started this post not realizing there were tons of other threads. I just didn't scroll down far enough. Tons of information around here. But I really doubt I would pursue the nursing thing it looks like. I don't plan on being there for too long. The plan is for both of us to come back to the USA anyway before the 6 months is up for a visitor visa. No.. not planning on getting married there. :) Thanks for the heads up though. Didn't know there was a special visa for that. Crazy! Lots of thanks for the infos
  3. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    Another US to UK

    Hmm... not sure how my school's transcripts will work though. The NMC states it in hours of training. 2300 in practical and clinical, and 1533 in theorhetical. I don't have an hourly log!
  4. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    Another US to UK

    Thanks for putting this in the appropriate place! That's what I was really wondering. How easy it will be. I'm SO nervous. I had read a list of needed occupations and Critical Care nursing was on it, which is not on the link you gave me. From what I understood, to get on the Register was that I needed the IELTS English exam passing score and then to send it in, in which they will mail me back an application packet. Now looking at it, I should really look into making sure I meet the education requirements. I have a 4 year BSN degree but it looks like there could still be a chance that it may not meet all the hourly reqs.
  5. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    Another US to UK

    Feel like it would be a lot easier to get a work sponsor while I am actually there. That's why I am not applying for a work permit now. Just a clarification
  6. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    Another US to UK

    I'm going to the UK in about 6 weeks to visit my boyfriend. I am going as a General Visitor and from what I gather will not need a visa if I plan to leave within 6 months. I understand that to work, I will need a sponsor. Also, need to complete an English test. This was my plan. Take the English test here (the next is in mid-January). I plan to leave at beginning of February. Go to England on my Visitor visa waiver, and apply for a work permit there when I get a sponsor. Is this frowned upon? I know one of the things to get the General Visitor visa waiver is if you don't plan on taking employment while you are there. But... if I am planning on applying for a different visa, will it be a big deal? I'm very nervous about the move. My job here is refusing to give me a leave of absence for a while, so I am going to have to leave the current job when I go. Any advice is helpful. I know I added a lot of info and questions in there.
  7. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    Does your floor decorate for Christmas?

    The individual floors aren't this year. Apparently its not 'professional' or something. Just the lobby. Not sure who does it. I believe staff did the floors before
  8. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    What is your opinion on antibiotic use for acne?

    I had HORRIBLE acne that didnt really start until I was 20. It was very bad. Localized more than just diffuse across my face. It was purulent and more like cystic or something. I was still in nursing school and it was so embarrassing. The first time someone told me I needed an antibiotic I scoffed and was very upset she said it to me. It went on for three years probably. Finally it hit me one day that OMG what if it was MRSA or something in it lol. Went to fam doctor. prescribed oral bactrim and it was cleared within the first round... like 2 weeks. Haven't had a problem since and that was a couple years ago. So yes, I wish I would have given in way sooner. I can't believe I let it go on that long, when really all I needed was that antibiotic. I think that the type and cause of the acne plays a lot into it though.
  9. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    Antibiotic Situation

    So did she not get any antibiotics on admit? No, I wouldn't given anything through a painful IV site... especially if I thought it wasn't working. It would need to be taken out immediately. Thinking back, with the diagnosis and only one IV access, I might have given the vanc first since it goes in over an hour and PRBCs take a few hours.
  10. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    Increase of super morbidly obese patients?

    LOL @ the "hook and drag method"
  11. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    How did you get into the ICU?

    It sounds as if you were doing everything to plump you up on paper. I went straight to ICU after working in the hosp for 3 years, doing my practicum there, doing an externship. What I think really helped me was that I knew the manager and I told my preceptor that I had applied and I'm pretty sure she put in a good word for me. If this is what you really want and have your heart set on, you'll get it! You won't be stuck if you refuse to settle for a job you aren't happy in. But you are getting experience (great!), you have a job (better!), and you have the heart. Have you looked at other hospitals around you? Or just the one you are at now?
  12. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    Low Census??

    Work in an ICU in Indiana. They have called me everyday for the two weeks asking if I want to take call/be called off. Now they are doing mandatory put on call/call off. Its crazy
  13. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    Yay! Got nurse extern

    Congratulations! I did a nurse externship when I was in school. You'll learn a lot and it will look good on a resume! Have fun!
  14. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    Advice for "seasoned" nurse moving to ICU

    My hospital made the change from paper to comp charting. Now the vitals import straight from the monitors to computer charting. Its AMAZING.
  15. BellaInBlueScrubsRN

    Cell phones and equipment

    I think I saw on Mythbusters that they don't interfere. We have signs posted. Families are also under the impression that they interfere. Fine with me! A lot of nurses have em. Like every doc does. I've never had a prob with interference. I just think its rude for a ridiculously loud ringtone to go off or yelling into it when I am speaking or working in the room. Mainly its families that are the worst.