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I am interviewing for a telephonic case management for UHC. I am trying to figure out if working at home (pros, cons, etc)? Any info would be much appreciated!! Thanks... Read More

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    please tell me how flexible this position is? i am interviewing with humana and nervous about taking job if offered because i dont want to be micromanaged and stuck at the desk all day in my office. does this job allow you the flexibility of going out to lunch or md appt if needed. can you do your charting at different times of the day? or are you tracked by your every move at the computer. pls let me know how detailed it is and what your typicla day at work is. my position is for a complex case management position, they did tell me if i was not offered that position i could be offered a position in utilization review at home as well. thanks for any input, i would private mssage you but i am new to site so they say i have to have certain amount of posts before i can do that LOL thanks for any info you may have to encourage me about this position

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    I'm considering a position like this and am very interested in the same things as MintCondition. Will be watching this thread to see what others say!

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