what is a case management nurse?

  1. I'm looking to help younger teens who have problems.. dealing with many issues. would this be a good career
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  3. by   KelRN215
    Case Managers work in all kinds of settings.

    In the hospital, Case Managers manage the home care and rehab needs of the patient. I work in home care as a case manager.

    In the setting of troubled youth, I would honestly imagine that a social worker would do more of the case management in group homes and whatnot than a nurse would.
  4. by   SummerGarden
    A little clarification: Nurse Case Managers are not Social Workers. Nurse CMs do not have to (and believe me I do not want to) get involved with fixing the social issues of clients. In fact, prior to nursing I worked in Behavioral Health/Psych/and Subtance Abuse Rehab. At that time, I was very involved with client's social needs to include those of teenagers with "problems". On the other hand, the nurses working in the same environment performed nursing duties and responsibilities that excluded social support needs to include those that were Nurse Case Managers because that was the job of the Social Workers and support staff. In other words, as a Nurse CM I do nothing more than refer people to other resources to include Social Workers. Thus, you might find Nurse Case Management unfulfilling.

    From what you have written of your interest, I highly suggest that you seriously consider exploring a career in Social Work. Do not waste your time with nursing if you want to be very involved with others. Nurse CMs are very business and nursing oriented. We save money and make money for our organizations by applying our knowledge of clinical nursing and medicine, payer sources, and community and private resources. Believe me, I have no time to get involved with social support needs beyond referring clients to others (again, I'm happy about this, but you may not be). Good Luck.
  5. by   sharpeimom
    it sounds as though what you want to end up doing is either something in the sw field or
    maybe something like my cousin ended up doing. her "base" degree equipped her to counsel
    on the high school level. she added a msw instead of a ma in counseling though. she began
    working in a very very large city's inner city and when it seemed most of the teen girls were
    coming not only for legitimate problems but "just to talk," she soon shifted her focus.

    she began to volunteer with a local yw's teen girl program. it included kids from broken homes,
    from mostly one parent homes, many of these kids were moms themselves without knowing what
    "mothering or nurturing" meant. her program encouraged and helped equip the girls to finish high
    school and sometimes go on farther while still caring for their babies and children.

    she was hired into an outreach program that is housed by but isn't a part of the yw. might something
    like that work for you?

  6. by   Aongroup1990
    of course sharpei mom I do love helping teens I am a teen myself still being 21 but I have faced alot of verbal abuse from my family... It has destroyed me mentally ,and being a mom with a daughter I would love to go into counseling as well.