Should I get a minor in management if I want to become a case manager down the road?

  1. After a few years (4-5, maybe more) of getting experience bedside nursing I want to become a case manager. It's something that I would really love. I have room in my undergrad schedule to do so.. so should I get a minor in (business) Management? Will this help me get in to case management or help me be a better case manager? Is it worth the time/money I will invest in the 24 credit hours? would I get offered a better salary thanks to the minor? (Probably a stupid question, I'm assuming not, but just thought I'd ask) Or should I just enjoy not being super busy during my last year of school, and having time to study for the nclex? I can fit all but 9 credits (3 classes) in before my last year of school.
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  3. by   KelRN215
    I don't see how this would help me at all in my role. I never took a business class... well I took one business class in high school but I only took it because my field hockey coach was the teacher and I knew it would be a joke. Anyway, I remember nothing from that class. I manage a case load of patients... I do no business management in my role.
  4. by   stephaniemaried
    Thanks for the input KelRN215
  5. by   SummerGarden
    OP: I have an MBA (I earned and used it prior to nursing). My MBA has nothing to do with being a Nurse Case Manager because Case Management positions are not Business Management positions, as the other poster has pointed out.

    Minors, in my opinion, are ways for students to explore an additional interest and for Universities and Colleges to make more money off of students. Thus, a minor will in no way get you closer or further from getting a job in any specialty in Nursing because hiring managers will not care (So, no you will not make more money with a minor). On the other hand, if you want to take business information courses, then go ahead and complete a minor in Business to full-fill your own self-interest. Good luck.
  6. by   Ellekat2
    While a minor in Business Management might not be useful in Case Management, it could make the difference down the road if you decide you prefer administraton. If you like the coursework and you feel you might use it at a later time, do it. The nursing world is becoming more of a business every day and you might find the niche that is perfect for you.