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I have recently applied for a position with Humana. I have read a lot of negative comments on glass door from previous employees, but not much information on RNs that work for Humana. Can anyone give any insight? Thanks so... Read More

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    nat402, sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner...

    Please feel free to write me privately and I will be happy to answer any questions..Rntr

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    I too am interested in working in a Humana Cares position and would love to speak to get some feedback about the work from home positions.
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    Write me off happy to "talk" with you..
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    I am considering a position as a Humana Cares Manager. I have a few additional questions for you, Rntr. Can you email me at ?

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    Hi Cindy, I know this post has been a while, but can you please tell me which company you worked for. I'm looking for family friendly place. working from home is my dream at least for now to stay with my kids. Any advice will be appreciated.
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    I have put in for several positions and receive the automated letter that my resume is being reviewed, and then like the next day I get a letter thanking me for my interest, but the position has been filled. Makes me think they are filling the positions before they post them.
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    I did training videos for the care manager without my interview yet, I'm kinda nervous any advice? There's so much negativity with Humana.
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    Did any of you ladies ever get the job as a Humana Cares Case Manager? I have my first interview tomorrow and just wondering if this job will fit with my family life. I have 3 small children, my oldest starts Kindergarten in the fall and the other 2 will go to a part-time program 9-230 3 days a week. Just wondering if working from home, is really working from home? I have over 12 years of nursing experience. I would like to be able to get my oldest off the bus everyday and then go get the other 2. Just wondering how flexible the hours really are?
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    Hi I am currently looking to work as a case manager with Humana also. Did you get your questions answered. Are you working with them?
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    I was wondering how your interview went with Humana, if you took the position and if there really is flexibility. I'm in the same situation as you, 3 children that are involved in a lot of activities. I'm considering a position with Humana but need to be sure that I would have the opportunity to be there for my kids activities, have flexibility for appointments, etc. I'd appreciate any feedback you could give me. Thank you.

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