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    Aloha all, I've been doing case management for almost two years now, my company hired me as a two year grad with previous clinical experience..I kinda lucked out getting the job but now I'd like to check into getting certified as a case manager, so two questions please

    1) which credentialing sites do you recommend and is there a course that needs to be completed for testing?

    2) my company is also offering 3k a year towards tuition reimbursement so I'm thinking of finishing my BSN and online courses are included in the deal. Can anyone recommend accredited online courses for RN to BSN? I have a strong background in psychology (I do a lot of behavioral health CM right now) , when I was in college 12 years ago I was about 3 semesters shy of a BS in psych, luckily many of those credits may apply towards a BSN (or maybe I can earn both)

    thanks much!

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    The Commission for Case Management Certification has the information you will need to get prepared to become CCM certified: Professional Case Manager | CCMC. If this link does not work, use the main website and go to the link for Case Managers off of the home page: CCMC | The Commission for Case Manager Certification

    If you want to be ACM certified, go to the American Case Management Association: ACMA : American Case Management Association. If that link does not work, the certification materials are here: ACMA : American Case Management Association.

    The certification you get will need depends on your employer or your interest. Good luck!!!
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    I just recently passed the exam for the first one mentioned above CCM through the commission for case management certification. Often I see positions for preference for the CCM in the midwest area.
    I also just recently completed my RN to BSN program through Indiana Wesleyan University. They have online and onsite programs. I did the onsite program for my BSN. I am currently in the online MSN program there.

    If you have additional questions about my experience at IWU send me a private message.
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    The CCM is "preferred or required" for all the CM jobs I see advertised. You can also get a MN in case management, but unless you want to be an independent you might not find it an advantage, and maybe not even then.
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    The ANCC also has a good CCM certification process that is universally recognized. The cost is comparable to the others mentioned and they give a discount if you are a member of the ANA. If you belong to your state association you might be a member of the ANA.

    You can find the ANCC CCM information here Nursing Case Management - American Nurses Credentialing Center - ANCC
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    They used to offer it by reciprocity (no exam, just pay the money ) to RNs with the CCM credential but that ceased in Dec 2010. Now you have to meet the criteria and sit the exam. As noted most companies looking to fill case mgmt jobs require or strongly prefer the CCM.
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    Hi. I'm looking to go into the case management side of nursing. What study materials did you find most helpful when preparing for the CCM exam? Did you find the exam difficult? Thanks!
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    Quote from ray24
    Hi. I'm looking to go into the case management side of nursing. What study materials did you find most helpful when preparing for the CCM exam? Did you find the exam difficult? Thanks!
    Do you have prior Nurse Case Management work experience (1-2 years)? If not, you cannot take the CCM exam any time soon.
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    I just took the test and passed, I did not buy any study guides, etc. If you print out everything on their website and study that you will be good.
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    I just passed the exam. I bought one book to study but never used it. I just ran through the practice questions I found when I googled "CCM practice exam questions." PM me the email you use for Kindle and I'll loan it to you.

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