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Angina question

  1. 0 I hope this isn't a silly question: how do you pronounce angina? Do you say "ann GI (long I) na" or "ANN guh nuh" ???? Or some other way? Thanks.
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    we pronounce it an gi (long i) a here
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    I hear it pronounced both ways all the time!

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    Thanks. I live in the south and sometimes the southern accents have a way of twisting words around(!). Don't you know I teach a class on ANN- GI- NA/ s/sx of MI so wanted to make sure I was saying it right. (I've been pronouncing both ways to make everyone happy, lol)
    Actually, with patients, I end up just saying good old fashioned CHEST PAIN. Works for me
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    Since we Australians don't have an accent I can say with authority that it is Ann-jeye-nah :roll
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    Depends on were you live. Both ways are correct, just like I say tamata you say tomato
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    Webster's dictionary lists both as correct.
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    Ever since I heard the following joke I say "ANN guh nuh."

    Two 80 year-olds on their honeymoon:
    Bride: Dear, you need to know I have acute angina.
    Groom: Sweetheart, I think all of you is cute.