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Hello, I'm considering applying for a job on a tele unit and am interested in learning more about telemetry. If anyone could answer these questions, it would be much appreciated! What is a... Read More

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    Oh, so true! Aides/techs can absolutely make or break you. Unfortunately, on my 30 bed tele unit, we are usually short staffed and 50% of the time, work with no techs. Oh, how I hate those nights!
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    I am a telemetry nurse working nights. Nowadays with the new federal healthcare reimbursement and the tight budget, we do not get CNAs at night anymore. At first I was miserable but now I am used to taking my own vitals, turning and cleaning my own patients, calling the doctor re a new Vtach, calming down a confused non compliant patient, accepting a new admission, and whatever else coming my way. Q insulin drip can wipe you out. Sometimes I wonder how I made it through the night. Yes working days can be crazy, but there is help, like CNAs and unencumbered charge nurses. There is also that sleepy thing at night. Nothing is perfect either way. All I know is that I love telemetry and am still learning everyday. It is ultra interesting and never boring, that's for sure.
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    As a new grad I worked ortho/neuro, and got bored with it. I worked telemetry for 4 years before progressing to progressive care, which is the step-down open heart unit of my hospital. I love it. My patents come up from our CVICU with chest tubes and pacer wires. I was uncomfortable at first, but not anymore. Are my days busy-yes, hectic-yes, rewarding-yes. Am I bored as a progressive care nurse no way! I learn something new almost every day. I say go for it, the more knowledge the better. Good Luck!
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