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I am starting a thread for UFV, Sept 2013 applicants (thus the title) I am a Jan 2013 reject and hoping for a spot in the fall. Is anyone here a repeat applicant?... Read More

  1. by   Paraston
    Binging...they don't really have a wait list (at least they say they don't). It seems to be anyone who has gone through the whole process (application, essay, interview) and who didn't make it in are all put on this "wait list". If someone who was offered a spot backs out, the spot will be offered to the next applicant with the highest points.
  2. by   riri.g
    Yeah it's not really a wait list... it's more of a "Hey this person didn't take the seat offer and you're next in line so... Congrats!" Basically what happens is if a person turns down the offer (Maybe they got into another school), UFV will offer it to the next person with the most points. & If that person decides to turn it down, the seat will then be offered to the next person in line. I can't guarantee that this is true, but based on what people have said, it is done this way... I don't know If I am making any sense... I am so sleepy! I've been running on 5 hours of sleep/night for the last couple weeks. It's starting to take it's toll on me!
  3. by   KimberS
    Less than 3 weeks left to wait. Anybody else counting down? lol
  4. by   riri.g
    Somewhat Lol. I don't want to think about it too much. Funny today I checked my Ufv account. Hahaha!
  5. by   abby12
    I feel like UFV has such a long process . I know I just graduated last year from high school, but this is my second time applying. It would be a bummer to not get in again. I really hope I do. Handing in everything and going through the whole process again would really suck. Does anyone know how many people got interviewed? I know there taking in 49 so maybe around 90 ?
  6. by   Paraston
    I hear you, abby12. It is an unbelievably long process. Especially when I look at myufv and see my application was handed in last July...ugh. When I applied in Ontario last year, I handed my application in and got my acceptance letter like 3 weeks later. I completely understand why they do the interviews and essays and everything...but holy crap, talk about the most extended bout of anxiety/anticipation I've ever had. I'm really hoping I don't have to reapply either. I'm 6 years out of high school and ready to get the show on the road here!
    As for the interviews...I think they did around 90-100. Not positive, but from what people said in previous years' threads, they seem to interview twice as many as they accept.
    I'm so ready to find out...one way or another. I hate sitting here in limbo! I have to keep reminding myself to be patient!
  7. by   riri.g
    Exactly. Im at that point in life where I am ready to have no life for a couple of years. I am ready to focus and study. Right now what I'm trying to do is keep myself from thinking about it. I'm trying to go with the flow.
  8. by   riri.g
    I really hope we all make it for this intake. It would be really great to get through nursing school together. I am hoping for the best.
  9. by   abby12
    Yes exactly , I feel like its better if you learn without having a gap in your studies.
  10. by   rkd101
    the wait is so ridiculous, but hey if we get in then ill be saying "oh its not to bad, its just testing u to see how hard u can work"hahaha *sigh...i relle hope i get in. I dont know if ill be able to handle another rejection letter, only tho ive only gotten one, but still! We are talking about our careers and life long job :P
  11. by   rkd101
    Also the interview dates are coming up so soon!! i wish they could keep us posted on like some live blogging site or somewher online ..kinda like elections...hehe i feel like we would know whats going on and stuff
  12. by   brittneyxoxo
    hi ppl! Im a high school student grad-ing this june! yay! I applied for september and lucky got an interview! I had it pretty early, Mar. 26th! It feels so long ago and this waiting game is unbearable! It seems like competition is fierce! Goood luckkk guysss wwweeeeoooo
  13. by   abby12
    So i applied at Kwantlen and got put on the wait list :/ If a seat becomes available they said I would be contacted.