UBCO or Okanagan College- Fall 2017

  1. Hi there,

    My first time posting on here! Just wondering if any of you lovely nurses have gained your BScN through UBC Okanagan, or done the first 2 at Okanagan College then gone over to the university?

    If so would love to hear about your experience, and what your GPA was upon applying to get in? and what the course is like i.e course load, schedulle times?

    I've applied to both of them for Fall 2017 and just looking for any info on what to expect.

    Thank you kindly for any info
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  3. by   Paigelangara
    Hey! I've applied to both, but I'm not sure if I'll get in because my GPA is only around 3.4 for post secondary.

    What about you? Do you know when we will hear back?
  4. by   FutureRNKelowna
    I just heard back from OC So nice to see an acceptance letter! How about you? heard anything yet?
  5. by   Momo1998
    so you have been accepted for okanagon college Bachelor in Science Nursing Program??What was your GPA? Aand were you post secondary or high school??
  6. by   FutureRNKelowna
    Yes I was accepted at Okanagan College I applied at highschool level, as my previous grades from post secondary had no relevance. I applied with 95% <3 Hopefully you hear soon
  7. by   Momo1998
    Congratss on your acceptance!!! I am so happy for you. Did you receive your letter by mail or email because I noticed that in my myokanangon appliavnt portal, it still says ranking in progress.
  8. by   FutureRNKelowna
    Thank you so much I got an email from them! Was hoping for a mailed one to keep forever, but ill take the email! I've got my fingers crossed for you
  9. by   notsosupernurse
    thanks for this list !
  10. by   c_mmac
    I spoke to someone at ubco yesterday, and they said that admission decisions will be provided by April 15th... has anyone already received an admission decision??
  11. by   al2hop
    I haven't heard anything yet... My application is still being evaluated.
  12. by   Momo1998
    Hello everyone, I received my offer from Okanagan college today.I have until May 11th to accept.Good luck to you all!!!
  13. by   Momo1998
    Hello, everyone, I was wondering if anyone is staying on the Okanagan Residence???I'm looking forward to meet or talk to anyone who also got accepted in the program. I'm from Mission so I'll be staying on the residence. I chose the five pod thing and I'm hoping to share it with Nursing students.
  14. by   al2hop
    Is anyone else waiting to hear back from UBCO? I'm a high-school applicant.
    Okanagan College is my second choice.