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So I just applied to the rpn program at Centennial college and George Brown college for the janruary 2011 intake (toronto canada)... I recently just got accepted to centennial, and im still waiting from george brown(they said... Read More

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    Quote from sbm91
    No I haven't done the test yet, I'm not sure if I'm going to or not, I guess I should do it though, if I change my mind and choose GBC. I'm thinking I'll go with centennial as I prefer the course organization. I just read at GBC in second semester, you have both anatomy and pathophysiology, and placement and your first nursing theory courses, whereas in centennial, once you're done anatomy in first semester, you are done. second semester, you have patho only which seems easier to me. Plus in last semester you only have field placement, but in GBC you have placement plus theory in last semester. But yeah, I'll just go ahead and do the testing now that I think about it, to keep the options open is good

    I think May isn't late, I applied later (July?) so I think you are fine, your application would have been processed before the waitlist so I think you'll have priority.

    The science test is basically things you learn in grade 11. Basic human anatomy, organ systems, cells, some physiology, hormones, enzymes/what they are/do, how organ systems work ie: how the body digests foods, I also think there were questions on genes/heredity and there might have been questions on blood types, but I'm sure they change each year. I remember being asked questions on the heart/flow of blood in heart and stomach.To give you a sample question, they ask something like: what organ is part of the abdominal cavity? and after blood passes through the left ventricle, where does it go? Its multiple choice and when I did it, the questions were fairly simple. There was usually one or two answers that seemed right and the others were obviously wrong.
    Study things that you studied in grade 11 biology. I think there may have been a question or two on bio-chemistry (like showing you the drawing of a glucose molecule and having you identify it) but I'm not 100% sure about this, it's been a year or so since I've done the testing. I hope this helps you somewhat! Have fun!


    Just thought i'd update you! I ended up getting accepted to George Brown:spin: so i'll be starting this January 2011!!! THANKS A BUNCH for all the help and advice

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    hey rpnstudent47!

    i was just reading you forum and i noticed you took the admissions test to george brown/ryerson. Congrats that you got in by the way! goodluck in your program!
    anways, im applying for the same program for september 2011. I'm scheduled to take the admissions test soon and i'm really nervous. is there anything pointers you can give me? like what to know and stuff like that. how did you study? was the science component hard? or is it general knowledge? I just need to know all i can before i write this admissions test, i really want to get accepted. thank you so much rpnstudent47!!

    Best of luck at George Brown!
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    Quote from rpnstudent47
    Just thought i'd update you! I ended up getting accepted to George Brown:spin: so i'll be starting this January 2011!!! THANKS A BUNCH for all the help and advice
    That's wonderful news! Good job on getting accepted! I hope you are having a good time at the college. It's a great school and program!! Cheers!
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    Quote from bottomz22
    yay!!!! that's where i'm going! did you do the RPN program? when did you finish? did you love it?? I'd love to find out more about it. can i pm you?
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    Hi Sorry I don't have this site down yet so I wasn't sure how to message you, but yes you can pm me!
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    So nice to see that I'm not the only one over-the-top excited about my program. I am waiting, waiting, waiting (not patiently) to get acceptance to the MoMac RPN program for Sept.!! I am waitlisted however, the admissions advisor has told me I'm in the top 10....the wait is killing me!

    Ladyj83 - got you pm, but can't respond yet as I do not have enough posts.
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    MoMac? is that Mohawk/McMaster? That's awesome that you got in! do you have a backup plan? I was waitlisted with a college and they said you could be called up to 2 weeks into class! good luck! I'm thinking good thoughts for you!
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    Yes it is the Mohawk/McMaster program - I am soooo very excited. My back up plan is reapply for Jan intake . This is the program for me...my application has been a long time in the making. I wanted to make a career change six years ago but got pregnant (with twins ) after many complicated years, I was finally ready. I needed to obtain my uni level bio and chem and apply, write the HOAE and now WAIT. This is a very competitive program (as most are) and I am so thankful to be shortlisted on the waitlist. Fingers, toes and everything crossed I get the call this week. I agree with your previous post that those who put so much effort and dedication into just getting into program do well, clearly, for most of us, this is not a casual decision.

    It is so nice to speak with others experiencing the same excitement!
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    Yes I went to Georgian and I am currently there now. I graduate in August. I live in Orangeville so I went to the Georgian here it’s very small it’s a satellite school… I am guessing you will be going to the Barrie campus? Congrats though, you must be excited!!!

    What were you taking in Uni?

    p.s. this is my reply to your inbox.. I could not email you back not enough posts
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    I applied for nursing and then changed my mind before classes started (not realizing how competetive it was) so i started out with a BSc but didn't apply myself as much as I should have. So I finished with a BA Majoring in environmental studies. Ive come full circle. nNursing is something I've always wanted to do so I'm very excited about starting in sept. Especially with the new wellness center going in. You must feel so accomplished to be graduating! kudos to that! How did you find the workload?

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