Nipissing RPN to BScN blended program

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    I just got accepted in to the Nipissing bridge online.. I was doing Athabasca but with the current job situation i decided to stay local and work ft instead of heading out west..

    Is there anyone else who applied or is thinking of doing it??

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    No one out there??
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    I have just printed off the application! Am so torn between just doing it full time through Conestoga/McMaster or online through Nipissing!
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    I need to work ft (single mom).. Plus i live in moose factory so it would be didfixult to move and start school..
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    Hi Trishrpn80
    Just wondering how the program at Nipissing went?!!! I'm looking to apply to the Blended program... just wondering if you could give me some information on it. Thanks!
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    Just looking to see if more people on here have started this program? I am going into 3rd semester..
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    I just started this course, I am interested in knowing how it has gone for you? did you stay on target with the class layouts? ex. taking all the classes in their recommended semesters
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    I have a few exemptions so my semesters are off.. I am taking the courseload of 2 a semester. I will be taking three later on this yr. u can take over pt courseload after you prove that you can get good grades with 2 courses. Some courses are heavier than others which is to be expected.

    I like it so far.
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    I have a question. Thank an advance.
    I'm an RPN currently working, but my hospital is not partner with Nipissing University. CAn I still apply to blended program? will they accept me?
    any response is appreciated.
    Thank you.
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    Riya - if your work is not currently listed you can forward the contact info for your nurse educator to ****** and they can try to get your workplace onboard. A lot f places are coming onboard and there are over 500 people in Ontario doing this program. You should cotact ********** her email info is on the nipissing website and ask her any questions. My workplace was not originally on board either but is now.
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