How can I get in to Practical Nursing in Ontario?

  1. Hi everyone,

    My dream has always been to become a nurse, but I had some obstacles in my life that has make it hard for it to happen. I have my pre requisites for the program and I really want to get in, my marks are between 60%-75% and I want to apply for practical nursing in an ontario college. I have look through some of the colleges admission requirements online, and some say that you need higher than 70% and at least two of them are a bit lower. I dont want to go back to high school because of time issues, I really want to get into this program and live my dream. BTW, I am 20 years old so you can understand that it is not an option for me to go back to high school. I know there must be an assesment test done for the colleges. If anyone that had the same or a similar experience can help me understand what the choices I have and what I can do, how did you do it??? Plz, if you are a bit confuse about all this feel free to PM and I'll try to be as clear as possible. I need help, please give me some advice. I feel very sad about all this and Im not sure what to do. I also want to apply for fall of 2011.

    Thank you...

    P.S. How can I prepapre for the assesment? Plz Help!!
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    [font=book antiqua]if you want to bring your pre-req marks up without going back to high school you can do correspondence courses on your own time (through the ilc - google it- independent learning center) or take a pre health sciences program at your local college. that's what i'm doing right now (pre health) and it's a great refresher, especially if you've been out of school for a bit. both rpn and rn programs are highly competitive and there is a slim chance you will get in with anything less than a 75 - 80% avg in your math, bio, english and chemistry. pre health will also prep you for your hoae test - this is the assessment test done to get into rpn, paramedic, dental hygeine etc. (health occupation aptitude exam). the best thing to do is contact a college of your choice and ask them directly. to see what schools have the programs your interested in go to
    hope this helps!
  5. by   loriangel14
    Check with the college that you want to apply to. I needed grade 12 bio and chem and was able to do it through the college.
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    Well, most Ontario colleges base an exceptance to a practical nursing program on marks and an entrance exam. So if you prep right and do well on the exam, you could very well get into a nursing program for the fall. In highschool, did you take U or C level classes?
    It is probably best to take your time and boost your highschool marks, even though you would like to get a move on things. A new semester just started, you may be able to go to night school and boost your marks by June.

    Don't sweat it, I am 23, I have a BA and I am only now applying for a RPN course for the fall. Also, I have some friends that finished a BA with me and are now doing another four years to get their BN! cRAZY!

    What ontario colleges were you thinking of?
  7. by   shermimum
    I applied to the college, wrote the entrane exam, and was accepted.
    Maybe go over your math (fractions, ratio and proportion), and short essay writing.
    I actually hired a tutor for a few sessions to review high school math with me, lol. Its been a while...
    I'm in semester 4 now!
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    To Shermimum
    I was wondering about the chem and bio part of the test- i will be writing it soon
    And how hard is the course load?
  9. by   KKAT07
    I was just wondering what expect for the bio and chem part
    thank you
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    OMG we hav the same problem, im thinking of taking pre-health first, i hav a friend hu took pre-health and it helped him alot, and prepared him for the assessment test. Im kinda nervous bout the test still >___<

    I already booked a test @ george brown, I only hav 2 weeks to study >__<

    im still waiting for the response of centennial college. I jst hope i get accepted and pass the test >_____<

    btw, which colleges did u apply to?
  11. by   cccormier
    Hi there!
    I know how you feel; I was in your shoes, and have been for over 5 years (I'm 24 now). I finally decided to go take the 1 year Pre-Health science program (after hearing it was beneficial, and not only because it was a good "refresher" of high school courses, but it also gave me ADDITIONAL consideration into getting into the heath care program of my choice - the colleges like to see post secondary education and especially if it is a special prep program for the field!). It was not too hard (for me) but the hardest part would have to be the amount of material (notes and projects) we had to cram in our heads in such a small timeframe. It's ALOT of stuff to learn in one year... so if you apply and get in, try to dedicate as much time you can into studying and try not to work too much, or you might not do as well with all the pressure and whatnot.
    I just graduated from pre-health and recently applied in London for the Western-Fanshawe BScN Nursing program. I hope to get in for this fall 2011.
    It may seem like "a waste of time" to some people, but I believe that Pre-Health can be very rewarding, beneficial and give you an advantage when applying against secondary school applicants. It is especially great for people like "us" who are a tad bit older than average 18 year old applicant and need the better marks, but can't "re-do" a class or two.
    Hopefully this can help ease your mind a little, and remember that you're not alone.. many people feel they cannot go anywhere because of their "bad marks", but there's ALWAYS a way out... or a way IN, I should say.

    Also, if you have any general questions I'd be more than happy to help!
  12. by   Dsun
    Does anyone know if there is alot of math in the pratical nursing program
  13. by   loriangel14
    Maybe not a lot of math but math is a very important component.During the program you will cover dosage calculations and be required to get 100% on the tests in order to pass.
  14. by   Daisy_08
    Quote from dsun
    does anyone know if there is alot of math in the pratical nursing program
    i was petrified of the math part when i stared. it was my weakest subject in high school and i just generally stink at it.

    is there a lot of math in the pn program[font=sans-serif]? in pharm there was, so yes. overall no. we did have a test where you had to get 100% but had three chances. i got it the first try, i felt well prepared.

    math is important for doing drug calculations and iv drip rates.