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How can I get in to Practical Nursing in Ontario? - page 3

Hi everyone, My dream has always been to become a nurse, but I had some obstacles in my life that has make it hard for it to happen. I have my pre requisites for the program and I really want to... Read More

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    I am terrible at math, its the reason my marks were too low in Pre-Health to get into the RN program. No matter how much tutoring, studying or assistance I have...I get low marks. I am starting the practical nursing program in September, so I cant tell you first hand how it will be...but from people I know who did the program they said the only math is dosage calculations. Ive started reviewing some dosage calculations and trying to learn them myself to be better prepared...and I dont find them that hard. I would review your unit conversions, which is really just memorization.
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    We had dosage calculation quizzes every clinical placement and we had to get 100 % every time.
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    My thought on this is if you can balance your cheque book you should have no problems with nursing math. Know your fractions and decimal point and life is fine.

    I strongly believe that the math requirements for nursing school are used to weed out applicants.
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    does anyone know what the percentages needed this year to get into the RPN program for january? i have 88% in pre health and a36/50 on my hoae? is this enough?

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    I dont know what the cut offs are...but that sounds pretty good to me. I had a 80% average in pre health from 2 years ago and got an 80% average on the HOAE and i got in for September. Good luck!
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    you have an 88% and youre struggling to get into a rpn program? damn...
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    Quote from Novo
    you have an 88% and youre struggling to get into a rpn program? damn...
    PN programmes aren't for "dummies". More and more students are using it as the entry point of nursing before deciding to do the degree.

    It's easier to walk away from nursing if you find it out it's not for you with two years worth of loans rather than four.
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    I get the feeling that people think the PN program is for people who are not 'smart enough" to be RNs.
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    Any of you guys wrote the practical nursing test at Humber ??
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    They both do the same thing rpns and rns geeezzzz
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    Hey guys.... Any advice to students who fail the pratical nursing test or for those who didn't get into RN....