Has anyone gained acceptance into the University they applied for in Fall 2013? Has anyone gained acceptance into the University they applied for in Fall 2013? | allnurses

Has anyone gained acceptance into the University they applied for in Fall 2013?

  1. 0 Ahhh! I have applied to a few Universities and most dont start accepting till March, but the wait is making me crazy! How about you? Where have you applied? Let me know when you get accepted!
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    I talk with an advisor today from a different program in SC and they don't start acceptin until May. It is making me crazy too. I took the GRE recently - still waiting on scores. My scores were on the border. I thought about retaking it but I didn't want to unless I needed to do it. However, if I wait till then and they decide my scores are too low then I may not get in.
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    I applied to U of O for BScN and I am panicking too... accepting average for Woodroffe campus is 76-78%. I am a 75.7%. They say that replies do not start until after mid-march
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    I think my marks are borderline as well. I have a 5% higher mark than the average in my nursing bio class, yet my overall gpa is not as high as I would like it to be. Good luck to you!
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    I applied to UofA's After Degree program and got offered early admission. So I guess some schools are rolling out already!
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    I got an admission offer from Algonquin RPN fall 2013!!! Still waiting on BScN from Ottawa U though...
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    Congrats to you!
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    still waiting for BScN
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    St Clair college has their letters out for RPN and BScN. I've an offer for RPN and wait listed for BScN
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    I graduated from the RPN program in december (from mohawk college). I have applied to the BScN bridging program with Mohawk-McMaster. The letters should be going out at the end of this week or early next. The suspense is killing me. Anyone else?
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    I'm not sure about Mohawk/McMaster bridge as I didn't apply but I received my Conestoga/Mac bridging acceptance letter. I think they began going out in early February. Good luck!
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    I did not get accepted at one school because of my GRE scores. Still waiting to see if I get in at the other school. I am researching other programs just incase I get turned down. Good luck to everybody waiting on acceptance. This is very frustrating.