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Hey, Just wondering if anyone out there applied for the fall 2013 intake of psych nursing at douglas college? Or if you were accepted to the previous intake what your preferential score was? I just got mine today and I got a... Read More

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    11! yeah I know..I have a feeling I'll get accepted last minute. And yeah I'm checking every couple of days so fingers crossed!

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    Just found out I'm #4 on the wait list!!
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    That's really close I'm sure you will get a spot soon! I only have till may 15 to get all my stuff in to them but I had to get a blood test for my immunization records so it's going to be so close! I'm so scared I will lose my spot!
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    I think if you contact them you can get an extension! (I remember reading that on another forum..becuase of appointment dates, etc)
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    I emailed the admissions officer and told him I was waiting on blood test results to come back for my immunizations so he gave me another week! I'm going tomorrow to give my deposit and criminal record cheque! Is everyone who was accepted so far living in coquitlam? I'm in Vancouver but planning on moving to New West to cut down commuting time.
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    No ill be commuting from west van lol. Can't afford to move out quite yet haha
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    Ok so I won't be the only one spending hours commuting! I just got all my medical/immunization forms and deposit submitted so I guess that means I am good to go now...No turning back!
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    Hello everyone,

    I've actually been accepted to UFV for September, but had a question regarding blood test results for immunizations. kacey1307 how long did it take for your blood test results to come back ?
    Thanks you so much, any info is much appreciated
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    Have you guys considered Grant Macewan in edmonton psych nursing? The gpa needed is 2.7/3.0 for guaranteed admission and it's no interviews strictly GPA. Just thought id put that out there
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    got my acceptance yesterday!!
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