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Hey, Just wondering if anyone out there applied for the fall 2013 intake of psych nursing at douglas college? Or if you were accepted to the previous intake what your preferential score was? I just got mine today and I got a... Read More

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    Quote from fiba
    How long have you been trying unicornbreeder??

    I wonder how many people actually have 12 points.
    I did not put any applications in so I can give myself time to get volunteer hours at a mental health organization.

    I think I would be entering with 9 points for the January 2015 intake. Do you need Bio 12 for admission to this program?

    I went to an info session and was told 10-12 points is a good point number.
    This is my second time applying. On this thread last year people had 12 points and were waitlisted, so I'm happy to here that the point expectancy is lower this year.

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    Quote from mbabic
    Mine hasn't been posted yet but I'm expecting 14 points. I will be on my own/supporting myself in the program too. Trying to save up now but at least there's an opportunity to work summers..
    Yeah they did mention summers is an opportunity where one can work.
    @unicornbreeder twice eh? that is good to hear the point expectancy is lower this time around.
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    Yea, but the first time I was right out of high school so I only had around 5 points, no where near the amount to get accepted.
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    Quote from STAR LITE
    I checked today and my preferential score in posted in my applications status. I received the score I was expecting so feel relieved about that. Have other people's scores been posted as well?

    Still waiting for my score. I'm sure it will be sometime this week
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    Yes, I am sure it will be this week. I applied early so I guess that is why mine was scored early. Good luck to you, this feels like such a waiting game!

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