Douglas College Psychiatric Nursing fall 2017 - page 5

Hey just wondering how many people have applied or were planning on applying to the first intake of the newly structured psych nursing program at Douglas for fall 2017?... Read More

  1. by   dcarter94
    I have gotten everything in and they just need to review my medical/immunizations forms! Have you put everything in for the conditional requirements yet?
  2. by   chellard
    I did the deposit and the criminal record check, I went to my doctor and got the medical form but she didn't have "proof" of my immunizations so she sent me for all the serology possible, but she said not all of them have serology...
    So I'm just waiting for those results

    What did you use for proof?
  3. by   dcarter94
    I had serology done back in November my Dr printed off a copy for me. I also had to go to the public health authority to get a copy of my records. I was born on the island and the records there are all kept in a data base so they were able to print them off for me right away. If it was fraser health you would have to fill out a request for an archive pull.
  4. by   dcarter94
    Anyone else get a seat offer?
  5. by   tinrdg
    I got my full acceptance on the 23rd. Hope to see you guys in September ☺️
  6. by   dcarter94
    I got my full acceptance on the 23rd as well!
  7. by   dcarter94
    Would anyone be interested in starting up a Facebook group for all who have been accepted since we will be seeing a lot if each other starting September?