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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that BCIT is the most recognized... Read More

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    Don't quote me on this, but I talked to one of the bcit advisors and she said that how the initial process goes is that for everyone who applies, first they look to see if you have the minimum 30 (or I guess 60, depending on how competitive the pool is) post-sec credits; if you have don't have those, they weed you out. If you get moved on, they look to see if you have 3 credits of eng, 6 credits of psyc or sociology, etc and if you do, your application goes to the next stage, where they'll look at your academics and volunteer/work experience and award you points based on what you've done.

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    I applied to the Jan Winter 2013 intake and I was just curious if anyone here can help me answer this question. I am a paramedic and does anyone know if any of the JIBC PCP program courses transfer over to any of the nursing courses? Or even PLAR?
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    Hello everyone! I am new to all nurses, but I thought I'd give this a try! I was accepted to the August intake, but deferred to January to take some of the LIBS courses. I thought I might be able to answer some questions if anyone needs anything from a recently accepted student, and along the way I will probably be asking a lot of questions too!
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    Hey eoates. I have a question. If you don't mind me asking - how many credits, volunteer hours, and libs electives did you have when you applied? - Just so I can weigh my chances of getting accepted as well. Thanks!
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    Hi careubc,

    No worries, I had about 45 credits from UBC, for volunteering I didn't provide my hours as I didn't always have set times. I said in my resume that I did a big sister, little sister program every saturday for at least 2 hours for the past year, I also have done a shift at Saint Paul's Hospital weekly for the past 6 months, as well as did at least 30 or so hours with Canadian Blood Services, then a couple shifts with the cancer society. I also have worked part time for the past 5 years in the hospitality industry. I had the English and Psychology courses done, as well as all the libs electives, other than 7001 and 7002 which I am taking in September. My grades for first year UBC were in the low 70's range, but the most recent 30 credits were close to 85 percent, so I think they noticed my improvement as of lately haha.
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    Thanks greys03 Yours sounds great as well. Don't worry about getting in or not always remember you never know what our chances may be but we are bound to enter the nursing program one day. Your chances will definitely increase though if you've complete 7-8 of the nursing pre-reqs for the course if you're applying with less than 60 credits and you would have a higher chances of getting shortlisted and into the august intake. I know so many people that have been shortlisted with what we have and got in for august! So we shall wait and see. I think the hardest part is WAITING. I'm very impatient and it makes me very nervous as well. And yes! There is another intake (I'm not sure when you can apply I think oct 1) for the August intake and the dealine for all documentation for that intake is Jan 31st.
    Let's keep in touch and see how our applications are going! Hopefully we'll get in
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    @aburns7 , I go to UBC too, and I am wondering what courses you took that are equivalent to the LIBS courses at BCIT...!

    I'm an arts major too!

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    Hi iheartpurple,

    I went to UBC as well, and BCIT is pretty lenient about what transfers over as the 6 LIBS credits. Its basically any second year program or higher that is in classes such as sociology, psychology, women's studies, history, philosophy etc.

    Here is the website that explains it: BCIT : : Programs & Courses : : Bachelor's Degrees: Liberal Studies Requirement

    I received transfer credit for SOCI 250A and FMST 210 from UBC if that helps
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    Hi eoates,

    Really? That is awesome news! How did you go about making sure they would take credit for it,
    or that they would recognize that you have transfer credits?

    I'm just nervous that they won't know that I have courses that could transfer...

    I have fmst 210 and a womens studies 230 and tons of 300-level psych courses, including 217 and 218.

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    They tell you if they assigned credit for it once you are in the program, but you DEFINITELY will get transfer credits for the 6 libs courses from what you already have. They don't have any transfer credits for libs 7001 and 7002 though from what I know. Hope that helped!

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