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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that BCIT is the most recognized... Read More

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    Quote from Chhun3
    Wow, Thank you!

    I do have a couple more questions if you don't mind.

    Can you practice in the SIM lab when ever you want or do you only have a specific time in which you can practice?

    You mentioned it's good having a science background. Were you referring to just biology or chemistry and physics as well? If it's just biology, is it human anatomy and physiology or other bio background such as heredity, ecology, etc.

    How much of the program is based on the biology aspect (Human Body)? I had lunch with a UBC nursing professor and she focused more of her attention on patient advocacy. So do nursing programs focus more on human anatomy or more on ethics, relationships, social concepts etc?

    What is the ratio of women to men?

    Much appreciated!!
    The SIM lab has dolls with pulses, resp rates, even capillary refill. They breath and can be programmed to 'code'. There are 8 dolls I believe and they are insanely expensive. They are run by instructors, so for this lab, we have set times. The other lab, Skills lab, has less advanced dolls that you can practice assessments and skills, etc on. This lab has open times throughout the year.

    As for Sciences-We have 1 science based course in level 1. Pathophysiology. I took anatomy and physiology before I started and I am finding that I am glad I did. We are starting to discuss more advanced issues and I certainly have to make an effort in this class. Some people in my program have degrees in biology etc and they are breezing through. Patho studies disease process in the body. We started with cellular biology review along with anatomy and physiology, and now we are getting into systems, neoplasia, nervous system dysfunction, etc. Next level we have patho and microbiology. Some chemistry knowledge will help with pharmacology.

    In my class we started with 96 students, I think we have 87? left. There were (and still are) approx. 10 males.

    Now for the biggie....Nursing is about caring for the entire person. You need sound knowledge of the human body, especially when you start to give medications. You need to know what "normal" is when it comes to vital signs, and what physical cues to look for when assessing for disease processes. You need to know about how certain meds affect the body and how certain illness affect the body. Nursing is also an art. You could be a rocket science and have crappy communication skills, and would probably not make a very good nurse. I can't talk to UBC's program because I don't go there....I only applied to BCIT. It is the only program where you start in the hospital in week 2. Nursing is SO much about patient advocacy....You sometimes have to be the calm in the centre of the storm for your patients. You need to have confidence at the bedside and when dealing with other healthcare professionals. Nurses do ALOT and you need to be compassionate, assertive , and a critical thinker. At BCIT in level 1 I have Patho (previously discussed), Pharmacology- all about drugs, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics etc, PBL-problem based learning where we decide on our learning issues and teach each other through presentations-and also learn to give and receive feedback, Professional practice-where we discuss things like CRNBC's standards, ethical issues in Nursing, Caring, and we are beginning to develop our professional portfolios. We have skills lab-where we learn how to do the fun stuff-dressing changes, administering meds, etc, Communications class-a whole class devoted to effective communication in Nursing, dealing with anger, empathy, active listening. We have the assesment class in the beginning that lays the foundation for clinical, and then we have 1030-Clinical where it all comes together and we get to apply what we learn each week.

    This program balances both the art and the science of Nursing. There are mandatory courses that you have to take in ethics, psych or sociology, and coming in with some history in anatomy and physiology will only help you. If you haven't done so already, I suggest you take a look at CRNBC's website and look at the requisite skills and abilities as well as the 6 practice standards. These are elements that guide all Nursing education, as well as continuing competence.!

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    p.s.they shortlist and accept students in batches. People who get shortlisted later, have a different deadline to turn in documents
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    Thank you so much! Your awesome!!

    I knew from the beginning that Nursing school would be hard. It seems you need to be organized and determined. I am planning to purchase Nursing Central before I enter the program so I can practice and get ahead. I have taken anatomy and physiology and done very well in them. I am basically a human anatomy junkie. I think I ready and I am very eager to get started.

    My only real concern is about the program is the ratio of women to men. Not because I'm intimidated but because in single lol.
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    haha you'll be fine. I recommend to everyone, buy a big 3 month white board style wall calendar from Staples. Best 15 bucks I have spent so far! a few multi coloured pens to write down clinical hours, assignment deadlines, paper due dates, presentations, and exams and you will be good to go. Nursing central may not help as far as front loading goes, but i do suggest you buy the Jarvis text on physical exams and start reading.....major pre reading required in this course. Have you been accepted then? which intake?
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    I haven't applied yet. I plan on applying for Jan 2013. I know the application process is competitive but reading previous post, I think my application should be accepted. I also talked to a couple of students who are in the program and they said it should be no problem for you getting into the program. They also said that being male is a bonus, the UBC professor said that as well. What do you think? Here are my credentials by the time I apply.

    Credits: 55/56
    GPA:currently 3.61
    Volunteer: BC Cancer Agency
    I have completed Human Anatomy and Physiology
    Completed psych 100/120 and two 200 level psych courses
    Completed English 1177
    Currently enrolled in Libs 7001 and just registered for Libs 7002 for the summer.

    This should be all completed by Aug 31 which is the due date to hand in all documentation.

    What was your application like when you applied?
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    yep that looks decent, just depends on the pool when you apply. Applying for january intake will force you to learn about patience! The wait from applying to being shortlisted was terrible! I applied in June and was shortlisted in November! What they really look for is most of the self scheduled courses to be done and some volunteer experience...life experience also helps and of course dedication and desire are huge. If you can make yourself stand out somehow, do it. There was over 600 applicants in my pool.
    I applied with 63 credits, 4.0 GPA with both psych courses, both lib electives, english, libs 7001 all transferred. I completed libs 7002 and anatomy and physiology before I started so for my 2 summers, I only have to take 1 online course.
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    We if I get accepted, maybe i'll see you around campus. And maybe i'll stop by and said hi if you have a bake sale for your Africa trip. I appreciate your advice, you are very kind, there should be more people like you SMILEY!!
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    aww thanks! I hope you do get accepted, you seem like you are ready to get going. feel free to msg me anytime if you have any more questions!
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    Thanks for all that information Smiley, I thought I noticed your name, you're on another site too arent you? cnsa? You're input is very helpful! Congratz on getting into the program, it's nice to hear that you're enjoying the program. I can't wait to get in myself!
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    Hi sourpickle
    I was on cnsa as well, then one day our whole thread vanished. No one was able to explain it, or to recover it for us! So I came over here. Are you applying for January as well?

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