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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that BCIT is the most recognized... Read More

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    There are 2 intakes Jan and Aug. There are 7 self scheduled courses that need to be completed during the summers. Jan gets 2 summers to complete them and Aug gets 1. I started in Jan and finished all but 1 of the self scheduled courses prior to acceptance. We went from Jan to Late May, then the summer term was May to August. I had only 1 online course to take at that time while some of my classmates had to take 3 or 4. Then level 2 is Aug to Dec with 3 weeks off for Christmas break. Then level 3 is Jan until May again, then summer term 2. level 5 is a long term (actually goes through the summer) for January intake. There are breaks, and trust me, you need them...but depending on the amount of work you need to do during your summer terms, it can seem like no break at all. BCIT works more according to levels than to semesters. Where each level is 17 weeks long with the exception of level 4 or 5 (depending on your start date) being 30 weeks. Hope this helps

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    Thank you! That was super helpful.
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    Jan intakes actually have 3 summers, August intakes 2 to complete those extra courses. That "extended" term of 30 weeks is no big deal - depending on your intake, you have 2-3 online courses (and they starting at different times during April and May - so at times you may only have one course left). Lots of people took an extra course during this time, or even during the school year.

    Just wanted to add my two cents as BCIT tries to make it seem like those 30 week terms are a big deal and you won't have a summer. Not the case! Lots of people worked, went on vacation, and took extra courses. There is no clinical during the summer. So like anything else, if you manage your time wisely, you can get through it
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    Hope everyone is doing ok with the waiting....I was wondering if anyone knows anyone who has gotten in without taking any of the elective courses. I'm a mom and work 50 hours a week so have not had a chance to take these. I'll not be working when (if) I start the program so it would be a lot easier to take them then. I'm hoping this does no affect my application too much...I have a 3.8 undergrad gpa (finished my degree about 5 years ago) and a lot of life experiences (working in africa for a couple of years at an aids orphanage, work with the canadian red cross and working for 3 years as a policy advisor for government) so am hoping that these experiences may be good enough....guess we will see..
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    They take life experience into consideration. If you can manage a 50 hr work week and motherhood, I don't think that time management will be a huge issue. Good luck!

    jasn- 2-3 online?? What?? This is awesome news. Thanks
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    Hopefully we find out this week if we are shortlisted or not. Crossing my fingers! Has anyone been shortlisted yet?
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    Nothing yet on my side. I'm getting very anxious!! I check my account at least 5 times a day since October began.
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    I've been accepted, good luck to everyone else!
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    Quote from carelesswhisper
    I've been accepted, good luck to everyone else!

    Hi carelesswhisper, congratulations on being accepted into the nursing program! I think you're one of the few applicants to hear the great news relatively quick. If you don't mind me asking, what did you apply with? ( work experience, education , etc). and did you hear from them today? They didn't shortlist you at all?

    I bet you must be very exicted and look forward to the program
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    Hey Bulmabriefs,

    I found out a while ago actually, because initially I was accepted into the august intake but then I deferred until January, so I could relax and travel for a bit. I recently graduated from the University of Western Ontario in the spring with a BSc. majoring in genetics. I had pretty good marks applying to bcit from both undergrad and high school as well work and volunteer experiences. During the summer after 1st year university, I was fortunate enough to land a student intern job with health canada and since 2009 I've been volunteering with a mobile health van that provides clean needles and other sanitary items to addicts and street involved persons. Besides those health related experiences, I was involved with a healthy living club on campus and held other leadership roles in both student council in high school and with student run clubs at UWO.

    I guess in the end of the day - my passion for health care and decent performance in school were suffice for admissions into BCIT. I'm totally lucky and feeling humbled entering this program which from what i've heard is quite competitive.

    Goodluck to all!
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