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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that... Read More

  1. by   smokeytaboo
    Hi everyone,

    I've been following along for a while now and have decided to share my efforts.
    I have applied to BCIT three times in the past. Finally this time, like many here I was placed in one of the top positions on the hold list and have been guaranteed a place in the August 2013 intake.
    I have an Associate of Arts Degree from Langara and have completed all of the post-secondary requirements, over 100+ hours of volunteer work in community health and work as a lifeguard/swim instructor. These were what (I assume) they would evaluate me on. Although I had aimed for the January 2013 intake, I was so excited to hear that I was secured a place for August.
    I'm hoping they call hold list applicants soon, because I can't stand the wait!

    In the meantime, having applied to several nursing programs, I found out this week was accepted to the Langara nursing program for January 2013. I'm struggling to decide what to do! I've put so much effort and time into my BCIT application and now Langara has offered me a seat. Do I accept Langara as my nursing school or do I wait for BCIT (to hopefully call me!)?
    What are all of your opinions on this?
    I know all nursing programs offer the same education and aim towards the same goal, but BCIT has always held a position of prestige (in my opinion, and seems highly regarded). I also know many wonderful nurses who have graduated from Langara and are working successfully (they also paid less tuition-- BCIT tuition is incredibly high compared to Langara).
    I'm conflicted and would love to know your thoughts.

    Wishing everyone lots of luck!

  2. by   Condale
    Hi Smokeytaboo,

    I think sometimes people get too hung up on prestige and rumours. Yes BCIT has a reputation for being one of the better nursing schools out there. I'm just finishing level 2 at BCIT and I will admit that it's a great program, but since no one out there has taken Nursing at ALL of the different schools who offer it, who is to say which one is best?
    I hear BCIT people trash talking Douglas College yet I know Douglas grads (now nurses) who loved their program and are fantastic nurses. I don't personally know anyone who has completed the Langara program but if you believe the rumours flying around I've heard it's considered to be a close 2nd to BCIT.
    I guess you could weight it out according to grad date. Is Langara a four year program? If so, maybe wait for BCIT Aug 2013 and use the Jan semester to take your co-requisite elective (HMGT, LIBS 7001,7002 etc). But if Langara is a 3 year program as well, go for that one, you'll grad sooner and be in the workforce sooner.

    One other thing you could consider is that at Langara I believe you can work as an Employed Student Nurse where BCIT doesn't allow this. BCIT allows a paid grant for your level 6 preceptorship instead. I don't think one is necessarily better than the other but you may have a preference. Try to talk to someone who has taken the program at Langara and find out more info about ESN vs. Level 6 Preceptorship Grant. Might help you make the decision.
    All in all, I don't think taking your nursing at Langara will set you back in any way. Personally I would make my decision based on graduation date. I'm sure both schools are great!

  3. by   iheartpurple
    Hi Smokeytaboo,
    I would agree with Condale on the graduation date! I was in the same spot as you, top of the hold list for January and I got a call on Tuesday. If you are also on the top of the list, you will most likely get a call soon as well. My plan if I didn't get a call was to complete my current psychology degree and also do my last two electives (libs 7001 and 7002) and start in August. I see you said you have completed all of the post secondary requirements, by this do you mean the libs, psych/sociolgy and english courses? If so, then you do seem to have put a lot into BCIT's requirments and I could see how it would be hard to say no to a school that you put so much effort into!! You are defintely in a bit of a pickle. I thought that langara was 4 years? If it is, then perhaps waiting for BCIT (I am going to bet you get a call) or wait for August (if the off chance you don't get a call) and work while you wait if you have all the pre-reqs or travel if you don't need to work! If langara is a 3 year program too then starting the program 8 months sooner will mean you are going to be a RN that much sooner... How long do you have to let langara know?

    I also agree with Condale: "since no one out there has taken Nursing at ALL of the different schools who offer it, who is to say which one is best?"
    I think if you research the program and how they teach, that is going to be YOUR best bet for which one is better for you. If you can't learn from the methods they use, then you aren't going to be as successful. I did nurse student for a day at BCIT and I loved it. I enjoyed the PBL class and the lab was structured well and the pace was good for me. Perhaps you should see if you can jump into a day at BCIT and langara this week? Or reflect on what you know about each program and think about which one will be more successful for you.
  4. by   memegumi
    Hi Smokeytaboo, I am placed on the top of the hold list for BCIT as well, and I am accepted by Langara for the 2013 January intake. I have decided (finally last week) to refuse the seat because after considering the program length, I will graduate the same time if I start Langara in 2013 January and BCIT in 2013 August. Also, for Langara, the program is 3 years and 4 months, with only 2-3 weeks between semesters. While for BCIT, you get 1-2 semesters off, assuming you have completed all the nursing electives. As for tuition, I find that they are about the same.
  5. by   smokeytaboo
    Thanks Condale and iheartpurple for your responses, it's given me a lot to think about.
    Langara nursing is a 3 year and 4 month program and the grad date would be a few months before BCIT's grad date. It's not a huge difference, but it is something to consider. I have spoken to a few students who were ESN's from Langara and they really loved it. Many of them were employed immediately afterwards by the same hospitals where they worked as ESN's through VCH (Vancouver Coastal Health). I live in Vancouver and so the chance to gain experiences in hospitals near where I live is also something I am drawn to. I understand BCIT works with Fraser Health and so many clinical experiences are within those affiliated with Fraser Health.
    I suppose it all comes down to personal preference.

    @memegume, thanks for sharing I really appreciate your response, it's nice to know others are in the same situation. I definitely see the advantages of having 1-2 semesters off at BCIT and it is something I'll have to think about. Tuition at BCIT is a little more than Langara's, but after consideration it's not a huge difference.

    I have a lot to think about and absolutely appreciate your responses.
    Hopefully BCIT calls me soon!

  6. by   careubc
    @ memegumi and smokeytaboo: Would you mind writing on here and sharing if you get called before January 7th? It would be nice for those of us on the waitlist (not toplisted) to have an idea of how things are coming along.
  7. by   memegumi
    Ok... No problem
  8. by   smiley65
    Smokeytaboo-Even if you graduate sooner, you can only write your RN exam 3 times a year. Feb, June, and October. What matters the most is that the program works for you. Forget about what other people say about different programs, that is only opinion. While you can certainly gain insight to how each program works, that wont determine weather or not the program works for you. How do you learn best? What do you want out of your nursing program? How are these 2 schools different? Are there big differences in the teaching style? I agree with iheartpurple that you should do "student for a day" at both places before you decide, because no matter what anyone tells you, only you can decide if one program is a better fit for you. BCIT works with all of the Health authorities and has placements with all of them. My first 2 have been with VCH. Given the fact that you applied 3 times to BCIT, it seems like you really want to go there. I would wait, but that's just me. I only applied to BCIT, because of the hands on learning (in the hospital by week 2) and PBL. Yes, in the end we all write the same exam, but that 3 or 4 years leading up to the exam ought to be at least somewhat enjoyable. Good luck with your decision.
  9. by   careubc
    @smiley65: Do you think it's possible to take a week vacation for a destination wedding during the program? (In November)
  10. by   cat5
    Hey everyone - the resume is due with all the official documentation correct? So for August 2013 it would be January 31st? I called and they said yes and I didnt hand it in by the application deadline and now im freaking out.
    Please Help!
  11. by   BulmaBriefs
    Hi Cat 5. I believe the resume is included with official documents as well and we must submit them before January 31st. That's what I had did when I was applying for the January class. What exactly did they tell you? I'm recompeting again so I will be submiting all updated documents such as my transcripts, resume, and etc.
  12. by   BulmaBriefs
    Sorry, wait on the website it says that a current resume must be submitted BEFORE the application deadline which is on dec 15. In this case if I Were you, I Would call the nursing department up myself and tell them how you had misinterpreted the deadlines and got confused...I would suggest submitting it tomorrow. Just try talking to them and explain to them why there is a delay but there must be a good reason. I'm actually going tomorrow morning to resubmit everything so hopefully it will be ok...I mean it's only 2 days delay...I'm sure they won't make a big deal out of it because when I had applied for the january class, I had submitted a resume like 3 weeks after the application deadline. Plus, things have beein crazy lol and I really want my resume to look good so I have to put all the time and effort into it... I hope that helps!
  13. by   cat5
    I almost just threw up im so worried. I am starting now