BCIT August 2013 Applicants

  1. Hello future nurses,

    I am so excited to be starting nursing at BCIT in August!

    For future applicants: To have a strong application make sure you have work experience, volunteer experience (preferably healthcare), as well as liberal arts courses - my Psych 241 at SFU transferred over as a libs course and I will find out if any other courses of mine transfer over once I send them an updated transcript.

    I am going to be going in with a completed BSc in Kinesiology and Psychology, but a full degree is not necessary, just at least 60 credits to be competitive!

    Anyone else defer to August?
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  3. by   BulmaBriefs
    Hello everyone,

    This thread is for applicants who have applied for January's 2013 intake but haven't been deffered or offered a seat and will have to recompete again for the next intake. Also, welcome to those who are aplpying to August's intake, we will keep in touch through this thread and post any information in regards to our applications, deadlines and more info. on the nursing program, etc.

    This will be my second time reapplying so I'm hoping that the third time will be a charm.

    Good luck to you all for this intake!
  4. by   cat5

    I have been creeping your January thread in order to see how to properly compete! I have applied for August 2013 and it is my first time applying. So excited we have something going now!
  5. by   cat5
    I also don't understand how so many people got offered a seat for August. I thought you had to re compete for this program every time and if someone is better than you the next time theyre better. Did anyone ask an advisor about this?
  6. by   SIMBURGER
    I didn't ask an advisor about it, but those who were really close to making the cut are wait-listed with good standing and are guaranteed a spot next intake if they do not get a spot in the intake they applied for.
    Also, some people that have been accepted into the January intake have deferred to August.
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  8. by   Progressor
    I'll be starting the BCIT program in August as well! I was accepted into the January intake, but then decided to defer. Good luck to all those who are applying. I know how brutal the waiting can be
  9. by   cat5
    Do you mind sharing what you applied with? I am really grateful that you are taking the time to help future applicants!
  10. by   SIMBURGER

    I can't remember my exact GPA at the time of applying, but I'm assuming it was around 2.8 at SFU. I did show a lot of improvement after my 2nd year though (my first two years were HORRIBLE, my GPA is still suffering from them), my grades ranged from B's - A's.

    I also had human anatomy courses done!
  11. by   SIMBURGER
    SFU is on a 4.33 scale though, I don't know what scale BCIT uses!
  12. by   lnguyen
    this is my first year applying and i was wondering how would we submit out resumes and transcripts. do we submit it in person? the bcit website confuses me..
  13. by   Nursinghopeful1234
    Ur resume can be given at admissions or mailed and the transcripts must be sent from your post secondary institution and high school transcripts from BC ministry just go to their website
  14. by   SIMBURGER

    I sent my resume, highschool transcripts, and post-secondary transcripts together by mail. BCIT only accepts transcripts mailed directly to them (as I was told via e-mail when I was confused as well).

    Good luck!!