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Hi Guys, I have previously taken the CRNE Readiness Test and got quite a good score (considering i have not yet started studying the prep guide) I am just wondering if the questions in the test change each time it is taken... Read More

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    Quote from scaryclairy
    I have taken the exam twice and failed it twice , i have taken the online readiness test a number of times and yes they are different every time, must be 500 questions that rotate or something. I also feel that this does not reflect on my ability to nurse, i am a very competent nurse, but i trained in the UK and we are not used to multiple choice. BTW do you get a fourth attempt?
    Generally only 3 attempts are allowed and then you have to do either training all over again or what ever the province college wants

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    Both Canadian entry to practice exams are three strikes and it's over. Back to school for remedial education.
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    And the three strikes rule has been reinforced in several provinces recently. I think that by the thrid attempt, if a person hasn't figured out how the exam is worded and the types of things being looked for in the response, it's unlikely that a fourth attempt would make any difference.
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    its so frustrating as for my 1st attempt i failed by 3 points and the 2nd attempt i failed by 2 points!
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    You need to concentrate on the strategies.

    I too am a UK trained nurse & myself & other UK colleagues all passed 1st time so it's not your training that's letting you down. What you need is not so much the content but the strategies to get to the right answer.

    The Mosby book & the CNA book (& probably the Lippincot book too) all have sections regarding strategies & you need to know these almost more than content.

    When you practice read the reason why you got an answer right as well as when you get one wrong, it helps you learn why an answer is correct.

    CRNE is a horrible exam (worse in my mind than N-CLEX, which I also have) because it's so psyche-social & wishy washy. Almost all the questions have answers which are all correct in their own way with just one being more correct (or a better answer to the original question) than the others.
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    hi, I want to take the CRNE,but i dont know what material should i use for me to read and prepare for the exam,, please can help me,, and i tried to search in the internet on the sample questions given in CRNE but i found it to difficult to have one,,,
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    anyone knows if Toronto school of health is a good source to do prep course for CRNE ..pls. let me know
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    No... it's not. Do a Google search of this site (top right hand corner of this page) for Toronto School of Health and it will all become clear.
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