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Hi everyone, Im an Irish nurse preparing for the CRNEs for February 2012 in Toronto. Didnt see any thread for this exam in February, so thought id start one. How is everyone preparing? Im using the CRNE prep guide doing Qs and... Read More

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    If they gonna send it friday of this week, we will gonna receive it on Monday after. Im nervous....

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    Anyone have any news about the result. Can't wait cos am very nervous now.
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    Nothing yet I called the CRNNS yesterday and they have not yet received results yet-I hope it's any day though! I assume CARNA will be the first---any AB members hear anything yet??
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    As the college for RN in PEI said that the results are due this week. Does anyone here called their respective colleges regarding an update of the results? I'm so nervous, I hope to cut this burden and passed the exam...
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    CRNE results are in for NS!!! They told me they expect to be mailed out today-suspect Monday or Tuesday we should know!!!
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    yay! im having goosebumps.. thanks for the update... keep coming guys..
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    reading your posts with interest as i am also an IEN hoping to find work in the ontario area that is once i sit and pass the CRNE in july, not good to hear the lack of jobs available. I to have 20years expereince which i hope will help me get a job.
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    i wonder if same goes with the other provinces... i sure hope so..
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    has anyone gotten their results or heard when the people who sat it in toronto will get theirs?
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    I'm calling the CNO in Ontario but their line is busy maybe because of overloaded callers. I also called the ARNPEI in Prince Edward and they told me that the results were mailed out last friday afternoon, perhaps all PEI takers will gonna receive their results today. Goodluck to all of us... There's no turning back, we'r here

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