CNO Jurisprudence Exam

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    Has anyone who is going to register as an RN, RPN or NP in Ontario written the new Jurisprudence exam? I just wrote it now and it was just terrible. And I don't even have my results yet. Frustrating and just awful.

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    oh really. Did they even informed you that you have finished the exam? Is it still for review?
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    Well, I just wrote it yesterday and they said it was the review period. But I think that's because they don't even have a grading scheme yet. I would assume they are going to bell curve this like they do the actual registration exam so they may need more submissions to draw appropriate grading techniques.

    But the actual exam really kind of hard. I mean there was some very straight forward questions and questions that you had to look over the standards and documents for, but some questions were just so ridiculous, made no sense and most of it looked like it was written by a high school student. Very poor grammar and questions that were extremely confusing.

    But I will give them the benefit of the doubt that this is the first time the exam is being launched and we are the first batch of people to write it. I just think it is more of a hassle and extremely unnecessary. I mean, they even say up front you can do it as many times as needed until you pass. It doesn't make a person memorize all of the standards and stuff because it's open book. I can see the rationale to understanding scope of practice and not doing things that would be illegal (like performing a procedure that is not appropriate to perform for a nurse) but these are questions that should probably be included in the registration exam. For the most part it seems like a money grabbing scheme.

    Anyhow, I just pray to go I pass hahaha. And I really hope they go over and edit some of their questions to at least have appropriate grammar.
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    I just wrote it on Sunday and haven't gotten my results back. I'm a Canadian citizen living in Sweden. I have been a nurse here in Sweden almost 4 years. So I thought the test was hard because I'm unfamiliar with the laws and regulations.

    I thought the test was very very long! 3 hours and 150 questions. It was hard to finish reading the questions before the time limit was up! So some questions I panicked cause you can't take too long.

    Hopefully it went well. But have you got your answers back yet?!
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    I feel the same as the previous comments. I am a Canadian trained nurse who wrote the jurisprudence exam last wednesday. I found that exam absolutely horrible, It was such a stressful 3 hours, i was blurry eyed by the end. Some of the questions were basic, but i thought a lot of the questions were really unfair. I mean who can memorize that much about acts and legislation, some of the study materials for them are 30 pages long! Im pretty sure even ontario trained nurses would have trouble with this exam.

    It has been nearly a week since i wrote it and have still had no response of my result. i called the CNO to see if there is a general time it is going to take to "review" and the customer service just say what they always do, they told me to keep waiting. This is pretty much the last part of my registration and it is holding it up, if they were not prepared to give results in a timely manner they really should not have started this so soon. Just cause we are some of the first nurses to write it, doesnt mean we should have to have to suffer the consequences of them being disorganized. I will let people know if i ever get a result.
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    I will be writing it tonight or tomorrow and I am very nervous. Trying to look over the documents one last time before writing. Also, we were not informed that you needed it prior to obtaining a temp license. This puts a hold on the licence which sucks as who knows how long it will take for them to send us the marks.
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    Hi fellow nurses,

    Has anyone received their results yet? I'm still in the middle of waiting from CNO whether I need to write the new exam considering I mailed and faxed the needed requirements before December 31 deadline, but I think there's some misunderstanding or CNO misplaced one form. It's terrible! And they told me to wait until further notice(sighhh so much waiting). But I have started studying in case. For those who have written it can you let me know what to focus on more? When you wrote it what did the questions consist more of?

    Thank you! Any input would be highly appreciated
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    I called the CNO today and they told me they have to wait until enough nurses write it so they can compare our exams. But they said they still have no idea when that will be. This is the only part of registration i am waiting for so i just hope it does not not a long time because i really want to start working. For what to focus on i would say have the study material in front of you that they recommened on the cno website there is a lot on the scope of practice for RN,RPN and NP.Hope this helps.
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    @rejrayo_nurse You will need to write it as it is stated on the CNO website that it does not matter if your requirements were in before December 31st, if you are not licensed by then you will have to write it. I was in the same situation and that is what I read online.
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