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Has anyone who is going to register as an RN, RPN or NP in Ontario written the new Jurisprudence exam? I just wrote it now and it was just terrible. And I don't even have my results yet. Frustrating and just awful.... Read More

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    that doesn't make sense though bc everyone has to write the exam for different reasons, not just new grads with the crne. It can't be everyone maybee its just enough of a sample size to generate the bell curve

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    Either way, it's still an indefinite waiting period with no guarantee of when it will be dealt with.Not professional.
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    When I handed the assessment in they mailed me a letter quoting they received it and wait 4 weeks from the date on the letter which I did and they also informed me that they were going to send me the registration R-1 form and they didn't. Therefore, I had to call them and email them countless times for the last form. Luckily, a nice customer representative replied to me asap via email and sent me the form to make the December 31 deadline. She let me faxed it to her and then I mailed my CPIC. I wish all customer rep. were like her, she actually cared. For a fact, without her I would still be waiting for who knows what. Also, once the last form (R-1) is handed in to CNO, it usually takes 15 days for them to process. You will be sent an email regarding the Jurisprudence Exam.

    Good luck everybody.
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    I wrote the jurisprudence on Wednesday, no results, no indication of when results should be expected. As far as whats on it goes to those who were asking, you sign an agreement saying you wont share what's on the exam, but having said that... the CNO has very fairly and accurately indicated the required study materials for the exam on their website. It may be a loooot of printing to do... but for me it was worth it to have all the BPG's and all the legislation at my fingertips, neatly sticky-noted. This helps with the more difficult specific questions but its in there! Get good at flippin'!
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    I called the CNO today and they stated that they do not have a date or time when the exams will be marked. Pretty frustrating when just waiting for that in order to get a Temp license..
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    what is bpg means ?thank u
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    hi ,do we need to submit cpic for rn registtarion?thank u
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    Yes you do. Criminal records, child abuse registry and vulnerable persons checks are required documentation for registration in all provinces.
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    bpg= best practice guidelines
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    To me, the most frustrating part of this is that I can't get my temporary registration. So, I have a job offer sitting here, and the CNO makes it seem like they're doing me a giant favour by filing my temporary application, but can't proceed because there are no jurisprudence results. This is ridiculous. How could they not have foreseen this!?

    Basically, everyone who writes in February has lost out on the option to obtain a temporary registration.

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