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  1. RebeccaRPN

    kaplan questions

    Oh ya, for sure Fusionfire! Definitely agree that your learning style depends on what type of resource you should be using. And even further to that, it also depends on the actual questions/style of questions, etc. that you get on NCLEX. Like, did I just happen to get 99 questions that seemed more similar to NCLEX Mastery? KWIM? Every resource will have shortcomings, I think the key is reviewing a number of different ones, and figure out how your style helps you build your knowledge in order to think critically.
  2. RebeccaRPN

    And I Passed!!

  3. RebeccaRPN

    kaplan questions

    I just didn't find that the questions were that similar. Keep in mind that I didn't pay for the qtrainers, etc. I just used the free app with limited questions, reviewed the 2014 review book, and completed the practice test in the book. I guess I just felt that the NCLEX Mastery and NCSBN were more similar.
  4. RebeccaRPN

    kaplan questions

    I didn't find the NCLEX to be easier than Kaplan, although I had also heard that. In fact, I didn't really find Kaplan to be all that useful, to be honest. I much preferred the NCSBN course and the NCLEX RN Mastery app.
  5. RebeccaRPN

    Best NCLEX Studying source

    I read over and over again that Kaplan was the best resource, so I reviewed the Kaplan book and used the free Qbanks app. I also enrolled in the 5 week NCSBN course online and used the NCLEX RN Mastery app. I found those two resources to be far more helpful.
  6. RebeccaRPN

    Canadian RN Passed NCLEX!

    Hi everyone, I've been following along a lot of the threads on this board, and just wanted to share my story since I found others to be inspirational. I am a Canadian educated RN. My background includes completing the RPN program, and then completing the RPN-RN bridge program. I moved to Florida about a year ago and after the headache of completing my application with the Florida BON, I wrote my NCLEX yesterday. I didn't do the Pearson Vue trick, and I haven't even paid for quick results, this morning, just 24 hours later, my license is posted on the Florida BON. I passed!! It was unlike any test that I have written, and I honestly came out of it not feeling very confident. I know they say everyone feels like that, but I felt very confident after writing both the CRNE and CRPNE. My test shut off after 99 questions and only about an hour into the exam. The resources that I studied were Kaplan (the free Qbank app, and the 2014 review book), the 5 week NCSBN course and the RN Mastery app. I know a lot of people say Kaplan is the most similar, but I found NCSBN and RN Mastery to be more similar, so to each their own. My only advice is to know your patho, so that you can apply your best judgment and critical thinking. There is no way to get through this exam on memorization! Best of luck to all of you writing in the near future!
  7. RebeccaRPN

    Best Recruitment Agencies?

    Honestly, because I didn't know there was any other way! I would actually like to obtain my green card and I thought that an agency would be the best way to do this.
  8. RebeccaRPN

    Best Recruitment Agencies?

    Hi all! I am an RPN in Ontario and enrolled in a RPN-BScN bridging program. Once I have my RN designation I would like to move to the USA. Can anyone recommend a good recruitment agency? Obvioulsy I googled but have no idea which ones are reputable, etc. Also, has anyone gone through the recruitment and relocation to the US process? Just looking for some experiences, tips, etc. Thanks!