British nurse writing CRNE - any help welcome.

  1. Hi all, I am a British nurse, qualified for four years and have finally finished my degree so now looking to apply to Canada. I am hoping to write the CRNE exams in October and was wondering if anyone had any advice on this? Is the exam all to do fundamentally with nursing care? Or are some questions Canada nursing specific, ie to do with the healthcare program's or anything that I would not necessarily know as I did not study to become a nurse in Canada?
    Thanks all
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I wouldn't worry too much about when you sit CRNE but making sure your transcripts meet requirements. Most IEN's these days for most provinces have to go through some form of assessment before eligibility to sit CRNE occurs plus with UK training many don't meet Canadian provincial requirements.

    I used the CRNE prep book and the Canadian fundamentals of nursing
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    The exam is a mixture of general nursing knowledge (pathophysiology, assessment, nursing diagnosis, care plans, intervention and evaluation), the determinants of health, ethics and Canada-specific health-care-system-related information.

    You need to be aware that becoming registered in Canada is not your biggest hurdle. Finding a job is. Every province is experiencing severe economic difficulty; health care is federally-regulated but provincially-administered. Whenever provinces have to tighten their belts, nurses and teachers are where they make cuts. They don't fill vacancies and they roll back wages and benefits. Sometimes they even resort to layoffs. Alberta has recently cut funding for home care so providers are still expected to provide the ordered care, but to do it in less time. We all know how that works... the nurse puts in whatever time it takes and is paid for whatever time the bean-counters have decided it should take. This makes it much harder for those who need and deserve home care to actually get it.

    So before you lay out a bunch of money on what may amount to an exercise in futility, I think you should spend time considering what you're going to do if you've jumped through all the hoops but cant find a job. These pages are filled with posts from people in that exact situation.
  5. by   pamiwhite05
    Thanks, I wont be leaving my current job and going to Canada until I have an offer of employment, I don't expect the process to be easy but it can't be any worse than the job situation in the UK! What kind of assessment do IENs need to sit before eligibility to write the CRNE? Must this take place in Canada as well?
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Look up posts called SEC these are the general types of assessments and has to be done in Canada. That will determine whether top up courses are required and again I believe these must be done in Canada. Seen a couple of uk nurses post they have been required to do 12 months on a student visa on top up courses
  7. by   Fiona59
    A lot of these questions were answered in the OPs earlier posts. Things don't change quickly over here.
  8. by   pamiwhite05
    Sorry, just trying to get as much information as I can, I don't know anyone who lives or nurses in Canada so Internet and this forum is all I have to to go on
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Most of us are happy to help. Sometimes worth doing a search in this forum in regards CRNE. Nurse Registration in regards registering as a nurse in a country other than your homeland and Advice on Immigration in regards immigration. In the Nurse Registration and Immigration many of us have been through the process and can to a certain degree answer any question you have
  10. by   MissMacUK
    Hi Pamiwhite05,
    just wondering how your doing with registration / job? I am mired deep in the registration process at the moment; application started January 2013, it started to get processed May 2013 (when I landed as a permanent resident), was referred to IENCAP in September 2013, initially got OSCE date for August 2014 but managed to grab a cancellation for end of this month 28th March 2014. I feel so out of practice as I left my job December 2012. Any advice will be gratefully received!!!