Anyone write the CRNE February 6th?

  1. Hey everyone!
    Have any of you write the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE) February 6th?
    If so, how did you find it?
    When can we expect to get the results back?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    results take 6 weeks and then time will vary a little depending on the province but past history appears that Nova Scotia and PEI are generally the first to send out results as smaller volume compared to other provinces on candidates sitting the exam
  4. by   picturisque
    I found the exam to be very challenging, Yet to receive my results. I hope for the best and good luck to all.
  5. by   bebeh
    It's quite hard & difficult as expected!!! This week's the most awaited week of my life... Goodluck!! I need to stay positive & grateful!
  6. by   renzlao
    I wrote the Feb 6 exam and I'm so nervous for the result as well. Good luck to all of us!
  7. by   steven007
    I checked my mailbox today and nothing . But this is only the 4th week so I am still anxiously waiting. Praying that good news is on its way! haha
  8. by   picturisque
    Which Province are you awaiting results from?
  9. by   renzlao
    Quote from picturisque
    Which Province are you awaiting results from?
    I'm from BC.
  10. by   steven007
  11. by   picturisque
    [QUOTE=renzlao;7212931]I'm from BC

    I learned that PEI mailed out results today.
  12. by   steven007
    Where did you hear this from?
    I read somewhere (I think on here) that PEI generally gets the results first. It's the same exam right? The CRNE is nation wide, it's just the colleges that distribute it and regulate nurses are different from province to province?
  13. by   picturisque
    Yes it is the same exam. From the regulatory body.
  14. by   bebeh
    still waiting with crossed fingers & 200% positivity!!!! from Ontario


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