What are you getting for payment?

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    When I got $650/wk and 2 free tuitions (About $16K value) last summer, I thought that was par for the course. This year I'm realizing that was pretty darn good. This year I investigated three other camps:

    1) No pay, free tuition
    2) No pay the first summer, free tuition
    3) $500/wk, free tuition (took this one)

    What sort of offers have you received? Which did you take?

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    The camp I worked at paid $750/wk without tuition for kids. I was also the only nurse on camp. The following 2 years I was paid $650/wk without tuition for kids at my camps larger campus and there was a second nurse.
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    880/week. No tuition. I'm one of six live in nurses with three part time locals. It is my third year back, I made 650 my first year.
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    I worked at 2 different camps last summer, but one was just a weekend fill-in for the regular nurse. At the main camp I was paid $600 for the week plus free tuition for my 2 kids. Including the tuition that comes to a $1700 a week. The other camp paid $100 a day for week days, $150 for weekends. I couldn't bring my kids because it was a special music camp for gifted kids. I ended up doing a few long weekends for them.
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    YMCA pays $250 a week plus free tuition the week I was working for only 1 child. Another option was to do 2 weekend stayovers in exchange for 1 weeks tuition for 1 child. The camp is over an hour away and I wasn't working at the time of hire last summer so I was doing a lot of running back and forth. This summer I am ONLY doing stay overs. Its usually just 10 kids or so hanging around watching movies and playing games. It a cake walk compared to the whole week of nursing!
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    I received $700 a week and tuition for 3 kids.
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    First year at this --two week session, tuition for three ($2,400/child) and $300/week
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    $500 per week plus tuition for 2 kids. Tuition would have cost me about $1600 per week for them so I am looking at it as $2100 per week plus 3 hots and a cot.
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    I worked one camp last year (my first), because it was one that I really wanted to send my teen to. I got no pay, free tuition for him. ($625 value). I'm doing it again this year, and my youngest is old enough to go this time. I'm getting free tuition for one child, paying the tuition for the other. But I'm not doing this camp for the money, I'm doing it because it's a great experience for them and I like being there with them.
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    $1800 for 9 week session + free camp for 2 sons--who were toddlers/kindergarden. I needed "mothers helper" who watched sons during infirmary hours; I paid them $75/wk and they got to live for free in a bunk and participate in camp activites when off duty.
    We lived in the infirmary with minature golf, Gazebo, basketball and hockey court right outside our front door. Boys loved it

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