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Hello Dear friends I am doing kinda "shopping for college" in L.A. area and I found one school that is apprx 31 miles away from my home. I have a reliable car so this is not problem , the probelm is that there is always... Read More

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    I drove 100 miles one way to school for my paramedic program. I'll be driving almost that for nursing school. I used it as my chill time. Lol Just playing my favorite music and singing along.

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    medic9872 ----100 miles one way , WOW , and I was thinking that 31 miles is a long distance.
    Respect for you girl.
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    Only 31 miles? I drive about 34 miles to work every day. If I pass the TEAS for this college 61 miles away I plan on commuting there too for that nursing program. I live in the suburbs so you call so I'm pretty much 20-30 miles from the best things so I'm used to it.
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    I commuted 95 miles one-way, 190 miles round-trip, when I attended school in southern California. In addition, I did it Monday through Friday for approximately 12 months.

    At the time I lived in Bakersfield and attended school in the San Fernando Valley (Van Nuys). In my opinion, a 31 mile commute is a drop in the bucket.
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    Well I feel like I want to delete this post cuz 31 miles is nothing I guess hahahah ;D
    The Commuter , how did you survive this? Did you even have time to sleep while you were a student ?
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    My class was 20 miles which was nothing. My clinicals were up to 45 miles each way. San Diego traffic is up there with LA traffic!
    It's worth it in the end
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    I wake up at around 5:30am on weekdays and try to take off by 6:30 so I can make it to an 8am class. You're right, 30 miles can take long; I do 25 miles and it's about 1 hour 15 minutes with the morning rush hour. I think it's all about dedication and always envisioning the end-goal always in mind. Some good music to jam and sing to while on the road doesn't hurt too.

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