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Hi all, So i've been offered a dream staff position in an ICU at UCSF but my family can't move yet. I am considering flying in for my three shifts and then flying home. Is anyone else doing this... Read More

  1. by   Wolf at the Door
    Quote from friendlykeano
    No offense meant, I meant it would be interesting to differentiate between people who tried it and "did not have my good fortune," and people who are too afraid to try anything like that and are quick to say it can't be done.
    No fear it's just a lot to get to a job full-time. Hassel and inconvenience along with living with someone in addition to rent at home is not for the masses. Hopefully you will be able to move soon. As the winter approaches you may want to stay in CA as the Denver snow can ground your flight.
  2. by   outriton
    I'm in the Sacramento area. One of the float pool nurses who works on my unit actually lives in Houston and flies in for her shifts. She does between 4 and 6 shifts in a row and says it's worth it because the pay is so much better in our area and the cost of living is so much cheaper where she lives.
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